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5 Chilling Encounters at the Mall

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Enjoy these chilling tales from the mall and shopping centers that will not make you miss your high school days.

The Legend of the Tailypo – A Bedtime Story

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Enjoy this chilling short story – One of my favorites!

Pedophile Mall Stalker

This story took place when i was 13. I was shopping with my little sister in a nearby mall. It was my first mall trip without my parents so i was excited to go to all of the shops they wouldn’t let me in.

Like Spencers or Victoria’s secret. completely disregarding my sisters discomfort with this. I let her go to the shops she wanted first like Clares. Being completely bored with this i started to look around. I’ve always been an observant kid if someone sketchy was around I was aware. But I hadn’t noticed anyone at first probably due to the excitement of the independent trip. But after a few minutes of people watching I noticed a man watching us. He looked around 70 years old and wore a blue button down shirt and cargo shorts.

Creepy Mall Experience

So I am a high schooler and like any high school girl, I loved shopping, even if I’m just window shopping. This experience happened to me recently and I can never go to the mall alone and feel very safe anymore. My friend and I were window shopping at around 8 in the night.

Why? Because there are less people and it’s not very noisy and we can shop in peace. We were walking when the lights from this one area in the mall turned off: well it was getting dark and the stores were starting to close. Then we heard this blood curdling laugh from somewhere far off and my friend, let’s call her Kat, looked around really terrified. To shake that freaky feeling off I said ,” I wonder what could be so funny?” I nervously laughed and we continued to walk.

5 Chilling and Mysterious Journal Entries

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