Was it an Incubus?

I know it sounds like I m crazy but i think i have always been been followed by a demon, I also experience sleep paralysis episodes which is what some people may chalk up my many experiences too, but a lot of these happenings I have been wide awake for.

The first experience I had with a demon was when I was 16 years old. I had just gave my life to God, I lay alone in bed praying when all the sudden I heard a low growl and light scratch coming from the other side of the wall above my head as if someone stood I’m the bathroom on beside my bedroom taunting me.

Dream Visitor

First let me say that this story is going to be really difficult for me to tell.  However, after spending some time thinking it over I thought that maybe getting it out there will help me deal with what happened and maybe help someone else.  This is completely true and I will do my best to give as much detail as possible.  Because of how terrorized I was I think I blocked a lot of it out even though it was something that happened within this past year.

Even as a kid I always had very vivid dreams.  I often had lucid dreams (those were my favorite) as once I knew I loved the freedom of making choices without consequence.  As I got older, those lucid dreams would leave to some of the best sex dreams ever.  I mention this because it may be important later.  I used to talk in my sleep a bit (based on what my parents have told me) but have never sleepwalked nor had any other sleep issues.  I did have chronic nightmares but that’s a different story entirely.  But I thought having that information may help you understand why, what I am about to describe to you was so different, and so horrifying.

5 REAL American Monster Sightings

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They Are Always Watching

Hi, my name is Ella,  I’m 18 years old and I live in Arizona. I am full blooded Cherokee Indian, so I’m no stranger to stories about the skin walkers. My grandfather always warned me about them, saying they would love to get ahold of me and my friends. I am very open minded when it comes to things like this, but, I must say, even this may be hard to believe, but I swear, this really happened. I was upstairs in my room and I woke up to my phone going off. It was my friend, Kynzie. She had texted me asking if I wanted to sneak out to go to the park with her. I of course said no because it was only six O’clock in the morning. A few minutes later she said, “Well I guess you’re going to miss out on all of the fun with Chris and Logan lol.”

My heart skipped a beat as I read this because Chris and Logan are the hottest guys in my school. So my dumbass texts her back that I’ll be outside in 20. (She lives down the road from me.) After I got dressed I sprayed my favorite perfume and put on flavored lip gloss, just in case. I opened my window and she was waiting for me. Chris and Logan were with her. I say “Hey, how are you guys?” They all say good and Chris asked me if I needed help getting down. I said “Sure haha.” Blushing, I shimmy my self out onto the roof and he was like ” Come on, I promise I’ll catch you.” I hate heights so I pretty much had to force myself to jump, but when I did, I felt Chris’s hands grasp me. He put me down and we began walking to the park.

Bizarre Animal

By Matthew S.

The only story I have about a strange creature that was so strange it would be comparable to a chimera or some kind of Creature with several different animal parts put together to form something new.

It was a few years ago in summer time when I was only 13 years old (now I’m 16) I was hiking out with my dad and sister out in an area of Land called River side because it was a forest that stretch along the banks of the Missouri river for about 5 miles long but only goes about 1 mile into land from the river, any way you put it, it’s a small forest with a man made lake inside besides the river. I was walking along in the back of the group of us looking around at the trees and shrubs and grass.

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