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5 TRUE Craigslist Horror Stories

Snap out of it

To protect the identity of the victim of this TRUE story and everyone involved in it, I took the liberty of changing people’s names. This took place on January of 2015 in the U.S. A little bit of back story… I had known my roommate Alex for three years at the time of the event. We met through a mutual friend that figured that I could use a Hispanic roommate when I moved to the States to go to college because I’m too a Spanish speaker. I always thought he was rather odd and possibly homosexual. But that never bugged me, considering that I have serval homosexual family members. Alex never spoke about his sexuality near me. In fact, I had every reason to believe he was homosexual because of the way he talked, dressed, and behaved overall. The thing that always stroked me as weird is the fact that he would constantly make fun of homosexuals.

After some time, my brother Jacob and I got extremely surprised when he introduced us to his new girlfriend Kelly. I remember saying: “wow I guess he is not gay after all” to my brother as a joke. Kelly seemed nice and all, but she didn’t live in town. So, Alex and Kelly were having a long-distance relationship and always spent their free time on Skype talking. After some time, my brother and I realized that Alex was coming home quite late. My brother then assumed that Alex was cheating on Kelly because he noticed that Alex would come back rather exhausted wearing his shirts inside out. It was none of our business, so we kept our theories to ourselves.

5 REAL Life Wendigo Sightings


I grew up in Russia I didn’t know anything about Native American stories as far as I knew it was the classics(Bigfoot moth man etc) when I turned 20 I moved to Utah to start fresh so to speak I remember dating this girl who was native and telling me about these stories and what to do to protect myself from them but me being a sceptic ignored it I bought this property on the outskirts of town near a forest a couple hundred feet around before breaking off into badlands

I go hunting and wood collecting in these forests all the time; after about a month of living in this house I started noticing weird prints in the grass and mud but the thing that got me was it was footprints and handprints

The Woodland Wendigo

I was out late one night like I usually am. I lived far from anyone or anywhere, smack bang in the middle of the forest was more so right. It was a thunderous night, rain pelted the road as I drove home. My house was one of those fancy logger houses in the middle of the woods sort of houses, but just a small two story shack.

The main road curved and twisted through the forest, this was a complete nightmare for me, but luckily I lived down a dirt road. The rain continued as I drove down the road. I finally reached my barbed fence, I drove into the garage. I closed the garage with my keys in my hands, and that was when I heard a screech, I just assumed it was a wild deer or boar getting stuck in the fence. I groaned as this was usually a pain to do, I grabbed my wire clippers and a flashlight.

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