Unmarked Semi-Truck on a Mountain Pass

I originally wanted to post this under the category of Trucker Stories, but I then realized you probably meant actual truck drivers who make their living by driving trucks. So I’m hoping this is scary enough that it will eventually make it into one of your videos. Over the years I have had countless scary stranger encounters, paranormal experiences and near death experiences. But I think this one is the best one to start with. Eventually I would love to share more of my stories with you. So here goes…

This story happened almost 10 years ago but I remember it super vividly. I was 16 years old and it was May 20th 2008 and my mom, two friends, and I were on our way over the Cascade Mountain Range to see our favorite band in Seattle. I live in the dead center of Washington State, about three hours from Seattle. For those of you who live in the South or other states that don’t have mountain passes, basically to get to towns on the other side of the mountains you have to drive up and through the mountains on a highway with an extremely steep incline. Yes, you guessed it. People usually speed, pass when there are no passing lanes, and a lot of fatal car accidents happen on this specific pass we were traveling. There is always a chance something bad is going to happen when driving it.

5 TRUE Alaskan Horror Stories

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5 REAL Werewolf Sightings

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Dogman stalking me

I am a 23 year old male from upstate New York and I live in a pretty secluded area.

One night after finishing up dinner, I was cleaning up the kitchen and was getting ready to take out the garbage. It was well past dark and my property is surrounded by woods. Now that may seem scary to some but night time routines outside didn’t bother me. As I was taking out the garbage, I had to walk from the front of the house to the back since the plastic wheeled can was located in the backyard. I had my military grade LED flash light so I could see in the pitch black night.

Once I reached the backyard I got a creepy feeling that something wasn’t right. Like I was being watched. It was too quiet and the woods where dead still. I then heard a branch on the ground snap not far from me. I didn’t think anything of it since there are a lot of deer on my property and a few ferrell cats, I threw the full trash bag into the can and proceeded to turn around, when suddenly I heard loud growling.

Window Stalker

I live in Brazoria County which is just south of Houston. This happened about 2 years ago when I was a Sophomore in high school. One night I was on this very laptop looking up videos. I was laying on my bed, which was right beside my window. At the time, the window only had a blanket covering it up and also, there was no glass or screen.

Anyways, around 2:00 at night, I heard a Dog-like panting and crunching sound right outside my window. Naturally, I got scared because whatever that was, could just move the blanket out of the way and get me. After awhile, I thought it was a dog since there is a lot of stray dogs in the area. Nothing else happened for around 2 months where I heard it AGAIN. This night, is was around 50 degrees outside so I tried to cover up the window as much as possible to keep the coldness out.

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