Hoof lady

So I live in Canada and this is a story about the hoof lady. So when I was little growing up I was told a truly horrifying story about her.so their were these 3 guys that would kidnap hitchhikers and rape them then kill them.but there was this one lady that said “if you continue doing what you are  doing you will cross paths with something truly horrifying” they just shrugged it off and done what they had to do.about an hour later they found another lady walking alone.

the driver said “ready for round two boys”they all agreed this would be there last for the night.so then they stopped the guy sitting in shotgun who we will call Clay asked the hitchhiker “need a ride”the lady looked at him and gave him a sinister look and said “why that sweet of you” the driver said to the guy sitting in the back “Jay let her in jay politely said” yes master”jay showing his sense of humour

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

We were at Hawaii and driving to head to a local spot that my dad and his family used to visit when they were young. We had found it and had our fun, then headed back to the car once the sun started to set.

Nothing unusual happened until we began heading back to house.

Dirt Road Hitcher

Submitted by: Cheyenne

I was in the 5th grade at the time when this happened, so I was around 10 years old. My brother is three years older than me, so he was in the 8th grade around 13 years old. I’m 24 now, and he’s 27. I live on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere being surrounded by trees upon trees with my grandmother’s house being the only neighbor 30 plus feet across the yard; but unlike Courage the Cowardly Dog’s luck, nothing creepy ever happened in the middle of my nowhere.

My dad’s job used to require him to work both 12 hour days and nights depending on the shift schedule for the week. This occurrence happened when he was working nights, so he was working 7 PM – 7 AM. It was only me, my brother, and my mother at home. Both of my grandparents were home as well. It was probably around 9 PM, and me, my brother, and my mother were sitting in the living room watching some tv before going to bed. From the living room window, you can see my grandparents’ house across the yard as well as the dirt road behind it, so you can see a car’s headlights before you can actually see the car.

Pedophile Creep in a Plane Trip to Hawaii

Hello there, I’m going to start off with some background stories. So I live in Victoria. It was the long holidays, so my family were going to Hawaii with my friends family, we were only a small group of people because there were 4 people coming, mum, my friend, my friends mum and that stupid little me, I was only 11, and by the way I’m female. My mum and dad were divorced and so was my friend parents so that’s how they became friends with each other. I’m not going to say any names because of privacy reasons.

I woke up to my mum telling me to wake up. Thanks to my mum, my stuff were packed. We took a taxi to the airport and yeah yeah, you know what goes on through the airport, scan bags, scan people, etc. This was my second time taking a plane trip and I was so excited.

5 TRUE at the Movies Scary Stories

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