Someone in my Backyard

My name is Christian and 2 years ago I moved from my small suburban home into a rural subdivision on a lake.

There are only 4,000 people in my town s not many eventful things happen. Since I was going to a different school I lost contact with most of my friends except for Nick and Nolan.

I had them over almost every weekend and we always liked to go on massive ding dong ditching raids in our neighborhood.

One night we all got high and decided to go ding dong ditch this middle aged man who has a very unkept yard with very long grass.  It was around 1 am in the morning when we rang his doorbell.  Since Nolan is a jackass he rung his doorbell at least 10 times and each time this old man came out and started screaming until eventually he didn’t come out anymore.

We decided to head home and this is where shit started to get weird.  On are way back we lost track of Nolan as he still wanted to hit a few more houses.

That is when Nick told me he felt as though we where being watched and sure enough I looked behind us and I could see a car with its headlights off following us from a distance.

I told Nick to run like hell and we started cutting through all the neighbors yards until we finally reached my house.  When we got in we pulled all the drapes shut and I started to freak out because Nolan was still out there ding dong ditching.  I called him and he picked up saying that he was almost to our house.

I told him what had just happened and he got to my house 5 minutes after that.

We all started where in panic mode and we decide to call it a night and go to bed.  When we where drifting asleep I heard a loud bang from outside the type of noise of something striking metal.

I dismissed it at first and started to drift asleep.  I was woken up suddenly by Nick who said that he saw movement in my backyard.  I looked outside and in the distance I could see a outline of a person.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 as fast as I could.  When the cops came they found the person in my backyard and they found a miniature  handgun in his pocket.

After these events happened I have recently moved again and I have lost contact with Nick and Nolan But I still wonder what could have happened if I didn’t call the police.

College Shooting

I am a 19 year old American college student and I Attend Northlake College in the Dallas area. This story however isn’t going to be from my perspective, but rather from my girlfriend’s.

Some background: If you didn’t hear already about a month ago an active shooter came onto our schools campus and opened fired. I was thankfully at a satellite campus during the ordeal. But my girlfriend was at the main campus at the time when it happened and experienced much more than I did.

She was in the middle of class reviewing for the final next week. It was a normal day and nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. We did have a weird instance the day before where the principal got over the intercom and told everyone an emergency had reported on campus. But all we had to do was evacuate and it turned out to be nothing. But not less than 24 hours later my girlfriend was sitting in class and only about 100 feet down the hall shots started to ring out. She said they were so loud, and so real. One of the students immediately closed and locked the door as everyone else in the class piled up into the least visible corner. Just then the Principle came on over the intercom, except he sounded frantic and scared to death. He managed to spit out “we are in lockdown”. At this time they were sending out alerts on our system so me my professor and everyone on my class at the time received the message that there was an active shooter at Northlake. We still had to go into lockdown because the authorities weren’t sure which campus it was at and they didn’t know if this would be a collaborative shooting or something like that.

Any ways, she said she was so terrified, and it’s that sort of scared you get when you realize your life is at risk for the first time. Luckily after what seemed like forever the police began sweeping the building and trying to evacuate students. And thank god she made it out ok. I couldn’t imagine going through something that traumatizing at a place where you’re supposed to feel safe. For me the scarriest part and where I actually cried was when I was messaging her over and over and calling her but she wouldn’t pick up. Turns out it was due to the schools horible cell reception but I’ll never forget that feeling of not knowing whether or not someone you love is dead or alive.

Goatman’s Bridge

In June of 2016, a couple of friends and I were trying to think of something exciting to do. We’re all 19 year old college students, and being back in our boring town away from all the parties wasn’t exactly exciting.

So one of my friends, we’ll call him James, pitched the idea of going to the Goatman’s bridge later that night. I instantly agreed. Our other friend who I’ll call Dave, was hesitant at first but eventually agreed.

If you grew up in the Dallas area you’ve probably heard of or been to Old Alton Bridge, otherwise known as the “Goatman’s” bridge. It’s a relatively small and old bridge in Corinth Texas. You can Google or even look up the bridge on YouTube and find some pretty creepy stuff about it. And the story on how it got the name “Goatman’s” bridge is creepy in of it self. Back in the early 20th century there was a local goat farmer named Oscar, and he was actually a really successful at that. The only problem is that he was African American. And the local chapter of the KKK, didn’t like that at all. So one day they kidnapped and took him to Old Alton Bridge, tied him in a noose and threw him off the side of the bridge. The only thing was, when they peered over to look at the body. Instead it was just an empty rope. They got spooked and went to his house and killed the rest of his family. Now people say the bridge is haunted by Oscar, or some sort of demon.

We drove from Coppell to Corinth which wasn’t a long drive, only about 20 minutes. The entire way there I was excited and a bit reminiscent. I used to live in Corinth when I was a child and my house was only a minute or two away from Goatman’s bridge.

When we arrived it was already dark. The only light came from the moon, and it wasn’t much. We hopped out of the car and headed towards the bridge. The bridge has been retired for years now and is surrounded by woods. We finally got to the bridge and we stopped and sat for a little bit. But we eventually got bored and decided to walk the trail in the surrounding forest which was also said to be haunted.

We were about 15 minutes in to walking when James stops and says, “do you hear that”? Dave and I paused our conversation and listened with him. But I didn’t hear anything. I told him “bro I don’t here anything, you must be imagining it”. He replied “that’s just it, there’s not a single sound”. As soon as he said that I realized he was right. It was almost as if someone pressed the mute button on the forest. I had this gut feeling that we needed to get the fuck out of there. I told them that I thought we should turn around. But James and Dave whined and said that we’ll just go a little further. I didn’t really have a choice, my phone was low on battery and James had the only flashlight. I wasn’t about to walk back through these woods alone in the dark.

After taking maybe only 3 or 4 steps I felt a cold breeze on my neck. I turned around but saw nothing. I brushed it off as the wind and my spiked paranoia. After walking for a few more minutes we came to this partial clearing in the woods. There was a structure of some sorts a little ways out. It looked to be about the size of shed or a small portable. We all stopped and looked out at it, trying to focus and see just what it was. And then in the trees behind us we heard what can only be described as footsteps. I almost had a heart attack when I heard this. We spun around as quick as possible, I was frantically scanning the woods to see what made the noise. But now they had stopped, and the only sound we heard was our own breathing. We all collectively agreed none of us were having fun and we needed to leave.

But literally right as we turned around to walk back down the trail. We heard knocking coming from the building. And I mean it sounded exactly like someone was knocking on a door. This building was a good 5o meters away from us. The noise seemed almost a little too loud for how far away it was, if that makes sense. That was all it took, we booked it back all the way through the trail.

We were out of breath when we finally made it back to the bridge. It took a few minutes but we all were talking and trying to make light of the creepy situation. Dave and I had a cigarette to calm our nerves, as we just sat there on the bridge about ready to go home. Then James says in a loud voice “Oscar if you’re here, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to make you mad or anything. But c’mon ma..” Before he could even finish, we heard a giant branch snap and splash into the river below the bridge. We all almost simultaneously screamed “Fuck!”, then Reggie Bushed it back to our car. We got out of there as fast as possible.

Is my House Haunted or is it the Piano?

Now this is just kind of short, but I have remembered this since it happened to me when I was about 5 or 6. I have told a few people about this, but not many. When I was younger I would have trouble sleeping because I had a hard time breathing until I got surgery and had my tonsils removed after this.

So one night, I had trouble falling asleep, suddenly just as I was about to fall asleep around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, I was startled to the sound of the piano that was downstairs. We had bought it a few years ago as kind of a filler for the parlor. It is extremely out of tune when we bought it and we still haven’t tuned it.

Anyhow I had started to wonder if my mom or dad were playing so I went in their room to see if either of them were missing from their bed. Nope, they were both still there and my dad was snoring as usual.

I had closed the door and went downstairs to see who this mysterious person was, I was on the 5th step and heard the piano continue to play. I turned my head and saw the final key on the piano press down and go up without anyone being there. Being 5 or 6 I flipped out and ran back upstairs and slammed my door shut.

A few years later I told my brother, we’ll call him Tom, and he said he had the exact same experience happen to him. Tom explained it the exact same way that I explained it.

I’m 16 now and have had no other issues like that happen again. I have tried looking through the house’s history and couldn’t find anything to explain what happened.