A Collective of Personal Demon Stories: You will want to read this if you only read one thing today

This is an ongoing event in our lives and we frequently hold sage burning rituals in our household to ward these demons off. This is a collective of all the scary stories that have happened in this household to my knowledge and will probably fill the entirety of an episode for you if you so choose to use them.


Personal Story #1:

At this time I was about 16. Though at the time I was skeptical of the “demon” stuff, I do not have troubles with accepting reality. For a month straight I was waking up at 3 am and wasn’t sure why.

I would always go right back to sleep without any real issues. In that time I had had my then girlfriend over and she had woken up with six claw marks on her back (devil’s mark according to another friend) and some family members had been awakened because they were choking in their sleep. One night, I woke up sweating, my whole body felt clammy. I was sleeping on my back and noticed almost immediately a figure standing in my room.

It loomed around 7’6″ to 8′ (I refused to blink because I didn’t want it to disappear). It had the bulking figure of a strong-looking man, which is made only scarier by the fact that I should not have been able to see his figure.

The room was too dark for me to physically make out my own hand in front of my face. If that wasn’t bad enough, you could also make out that his eyes were darker than the rest of his shadow.

I tried to say a prayer, but I was too scared to speak. We stayed like that for about 15 seconds until my eyes were watering too much and I had to blink. In that instant he was gone. I was still scared, but turned the other way, prayed in my head, and fell asleep.


Personal Story #2:

On my 18th birthday, me and my mom drove out to the bar district of Austin, TX. We went looking for a tattoo shop, but everything was too expensive, so we decided to drive back to our hometown after I gave a homeless man 20 dollars for last call.

I should add that my mom is unafraid of the paranormal and has proven that frequently. Anyways, we got in the car and she asked if I wanted to go on a ghost hunt.

I figured, “What could be the problem, let’s go.” So we went to this place where a woman’s body (according to my mom) had been dumped. We drove to the spot just off IH 35’s access road going into some dirt back road.

We sat right there in the parking lot of some small town business trying to talk to the ghosts. I should add that the app featured a submarine-style radar and let you “talk to the ghosts,” so that this story makes sense. Anyways, we couldn’t find anything there, so we started driving further down the back road.

As we went, I started getting a little antsy saying things like, “this app probably doesn’t even work,” “This is getting boring,” then when I said, “There’s no ghost out here,” the app went crazy and my skin immediately stood on end as the vocalization part of the app started to work. It said (remember this order), “…Frog…Blanket…Tennis…”

I kind of calmed down because I thought at this point maybe the app was just made to respond to those words or something. Well, we come up on a small bridge, maybe 5 or 6 feet long, as we turned a corner, and my mom braked almost immediately because she saw a large bull frog crossing the road.

The windshield iced over almost immediately and my eyes watered up with fear as I looked up and saw towards the top of a 15 foot tall tree a massive shadow flapping violently in the non-existent wind, that looked like a full-sized bedding blanket.

My mom got out of the fucking car with a police-grade flashlight and started scoping the area. The area was flat for a few miles and there was nothing.

I panicked, started telling my mom I’d leave her if she didn’t get back into the car, and we left. We ended up stopping at a whataburger on the way home. After I ate some food, we stood outside and talked while I smoked a cigarette.

My nerves had calmed some and I was almost back to my old self, until I saw a ridiculously clean tennis ball in the parking lot. I immediately got nervous, put out my cigarette, and got into the car. We started driving again, turned onto the main road right next to the whataburger and there was another tennis ball, turned onto the next road and there were tennis balls every couple hundred feet.

These tennis balls led all the way up to the gates of our driveway.

I was stressed and my heart felt like it was going to burst as I waited for whatever was about to happen. We pulled up to the house, just me and my mom here (because my family was in Port Aransas a few hundred miles away) at the time of all this, and the lights across the whole house were lit up completely as we walked towards it. Suddenly, the power across the house cut off and I started sprinting for my life until they cut back on just as suddenly.

The sky wasn’t cloudy, no rain, no storms. Nothing that would have explained the power outage. Also, every single one of the 15 or 20 tennis balls was gone the next day because I went back out to check.


Guest House #1:

We had a friend named Cody staying in the guest house one night. I was in the military at the time this story had happened, but he verified it himself to me. One night he was staying in our guest room, detached from the rest of the house. He was asleep, but he kept feeling someone petting him.

The room was as dark as mine had been as we have thick shades in all the rooms to keep out external light. Initially he had said aloud to stop because he thought someone had been messing with him, but when he opened his eyes there was a shadow, depicted the same way mine had been, standing at the foot of his bed with arms crossed.

He immediately got out of the bed and ran for the nearer exit of two, he got outside, collected himself, went back in, and there was nothing there. Both the doors to this room make excessive noise and he would have heard the other door opening if someone had left the room as he hadn’t run far from the exit.

He refuses to come back now.


Mom Story #1:

My mom has had a lot of paranormal activity around her since before I was born and I’ve seen some of it since I was a little boy.

One night, she was having trouble sleeping and was just laying down next to my stepdad, Jim, trying to get comfortable. As she was getting close to falling asleep, she felt her covers moving. It was a gentle pulling at first, my mom grabbed them and pulled back so her covers stayed where they were.

After a moment they started pulling more and more aggressively until my stepdad started talking in his sleep. “No, go away. We don’t want you here.” He started kicking violently at the foot of the bed, then my mom said a small prayer and the pulling stopped and he stopped kicking.

My mom turned towards him and asked what he had been dreaming about and he told her he dreamt that an elderly female squatter had been standing at the foot of the bed trying to steal a blanket.


Mom Story #2:

Our front door is made of oak. Solid oak. We have five dogs, the biggest of which is a reat dane. For awhile my great dane, normally very massive appetite and extremely outgoing, was not eating at all.

She started to look emaciated and wouldn’t get out of bed and we were starting to get worried about her. One night, when everyone was asleep, my mom was watching tv in her room and enjoying some alone time. My little brother had just had a nightmare and came down to talk to her, but thought he saw my other brother huddled in front of our great dane in the single-person chair in the living room.

My mom could see Morgan standing at the entrance of her bedroom saying something looking away from her, but kept watching her movie until she heard a scream and what sounded like a high caliber gun going off, literally shaking the house. He told her he thought Logan (the other brother) had been standing over Zoey (our dog) and it looked back with no eyes and ran so fast that he could barely keep sight of it out of the room, then he’d heard the front door open and close surprisingly fast.

They went to look at the front door and there is now a huge crack going down the wood from the spirit that had been haunting my dog. Ever since then, my dog has been fine and she is eating healthily.


If that wasn’t scary enough, the light at my table flickered, as is prone to happen in any room when someone talks about our “guest.” And he gives you chills when he’s nearby. As I’ve said before, we have been doing sage rituals lately and have not been able to completely push him out to date even with the help of spiritualists.


Darkness Prevails’ Note – Hey Brandon! If you have pictures, be sure to send them to me at deanbrenden93@gmail.com and I’ll add them to this post 🙂 Thanks for the story!

I feel this presence can only be explained as the grim reaper without a scythe. I hope to hear back from you about this collective if you have concerns about the reality of the stories, but I am not prone to lying and I will gladly provide what little factual evidence we have. There are more stories, but these are the scariest ones we have had to date.

Thank you,

Brandon S.


Sleepover Horror

I live in Arkansas in a town called hot springs being a kid there isn’t much of anything to do. When I was about 12 me and my friend Nick would pass our time during summer break doing things like riding dirt bikes and fishing. I would always be over at Nick’s house because his house sat next to a mountain and had large Fields to ride our dirt bikes in. One day while riding in the field we got tired and went in for the day.

The evening was spent being on the computer and going on online chat rooms for laughs. This was when aol chat rooms were a thing so that can give you a timeframe. He lived with his mom who was a hard working single mom that was a nurse. Once we got tired of the computer his mom cooked for us and we made our beds out in the living room in front of the TV and ate.

We eventually found a scary movie to watch and being the kids we were we didn’t let each other know that we could get scared. We both eventually fell asleep and at around 3am we both woke up to a loud noise. He lived in a mobile home and if you never lived in one any sound is amplified. We both sat up and look at each other then we both saw HER. It was his mother but she was standing in the kitchen at the corner we could hardly see her because it was dark. She was standing in the corner looking at us her eyes seemed to shine and her skin looked more pale. We were petrified and she would let out a loud scream then followed by a laugh. Both of us scared to death ran into his room and baracaded the door and started to cry out of fear. We thought she could have been drunk but she’s a sober person. We eventually stopped hearing her stomp around the house and we feel asleep shortly after that.

The next day we woke up to the door being closed to the house. His mom then called for us but we were still too scared of her. She eventually came to the door the room trying to open it and was asking what was wrong in her soft motherly voice. What she said next made our skin turn into stone. “Nick I am tired open the door I got called in to work at midnight and I just got home and want to check on you two”. What ever that was tried to look like his mom to get close to us and after that I never slept over at Nick’s house ever again.