Author: <span class="vcard">Brandon</span>

A Collective of Personal Demon Stories: You will want to read this if you only read one thing today

This is an ongoing event in our lives and we frequently hold sage burning rituals in our household to ward these demons off. This is a collective of all the scary stories that have happened in this household to my knowledge and will probably fill the entirety of an episode for you if you so choose to use them.


Sleepover Horror

I live in Arkansas in a town called hot springs being a kid there isn’t much of anything to do. When I was about 12 me and my friend Nick would pass our time during summer break doing things like riding dirt bikes and fishing. I would always be over at Nick’s house because his house sat next to a mountain and had large Fields to ride our dirt bikes in. One day while riding in the field we got tired and went in for the day.

The evening was spent being on the computer and going on online chat rooms for laughs. This was when aol chat rooms were a thing so that can give you a timeframe. He lived with his mom who was a hard working single mom that was a nurse. Once we got tired of the computer his mom cooked for us and we made our beds out in the living room in front of the TV and ate.