California Road Rage

This happened a couple of weeks ago.

I live in California where driving is almost always aggressive. I often wonder if some of the drivers are high on weed or other drugs. I was driving recently on the highway when someone cut me off and almost slammed into my car.

I honked and gave him the middle finger. Yes, I know I should not have done that but living in California you get exhausted from the stupidity in some drivers.

Also, it is not uncommon for people in California to break-check you, flip you off, honk their horn, and follow you while they flash their lights, and yell at you through their window. It is kind of the driving culture here in California. Anyway, after I flipped him off, he then moved to the lane on my left and stared at me.

I exited the freeway as my exit was coming up.

The guy followed me off the freeway. As I exited the freeway, there was a ramp leading down to a stoplight before turning onto the street. The light turned red and I had to stop. I was in the right lane waiting to turn right and I noticed the guy had followed me off the freeway and had kept tailgating me so I switched lanes so that he was no longer behind me.

When the light turned red and I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw that he was getting out of his car and was on foot charging towards my car.

I freaked out as I didn’t have any weapons or mace on me. Just as he was running over to my car, there was a car in front of me and I could not turn right. Right before he reached my car, the light turned green and the car in front of me took off. I sped off so fast before he could get to my car. He then ran back to his car and jumped in.

I was afraid he would follow me again and that I wouldn’t lose him.

I was about to look for the nearest police station using my GPS as I have heard that if you are ever followed you should drive to the police station and not home.

I kept driving and soon realized I had lost him as he was in another lane. I have no idea what he planned to do to me had he been able to get close to my car. I am so glad the light turned green before he reached my car as I would’ve been stuck there had the car in front of me not moved from the green light. I’d hate to think what would have happened. Maybe he would’ve damaged my car or punched my window.

Regardless, I was quite shocked that a man would physically charge at a woman over something so stupid as road rage. I plan to get a stun gun or mace to protect me and keep it on me at all times. I used to carry a baseball bat in my car. Maybe I will have to go back to that again. I would like to say that I have learned my lesson about road rage and flipping cars off but I have not.

It is still something I need to improve about myself and not react so much to other drivers but as I said it seems to be part of the driving culture in California.

Insta Creep

Before I start the story I must tell you I am easily scared and I don’t like it either. I am fourteen years old and 5 foot 8 inches and I also am an introvert.

Anyway it was a typical Saturday night and I was about to go to the mall with my older sister.

Which wasn’t very unusual we went pretty often but that’s beside the point.  Like most of the teenagers I used Instagram almost everyday.

One day while I was getting ready for the mall I received an Instagram message from an unknown user saying “hello beautiful” With a heart he started asking me where I was from I told him I was from France trying to get him off my case.

That didn’t stop him he started to text me in French which I google translated and it came out as weird stuff like “your wish is my command”

And “I want to get you pregnant” With even more hearts I told him that he needs to stop texting me and that I’m not interested.  I told him that I was gay when I know that’s not the truth.  I told him that I wasn’t impressed with the Google translated French he was attempting to win me over with.

Within the next two minutes he finally stopped using Google Translate and started using English again.

I told him he needs to stop texting me and again I was not interested.

He there’s proceeded to tell me that I was his and no one else he sent me pictures of my house and told me that he knows where I live and if I moved that he would find me. At this time we had just built a new house and it wasn’t on google maps yet.

Trust me I checked. He told me that he doesn’t care about my “significant other” And that I had a connection with him and his little sister which he DMed me a picture of her.

I had no idea about who this little girl was and the next thing he sent me sent a flood if emotions through my body.

It was a screen shot of his home screen that’s not what scared me it was the wallpaper that scared me shit less it was me sitting on my bed in the pajamas I was currently wearing.

I instantly started crying and I sprinted to my parents room and showed my dad because he was the only one that was in there I broke down in tears and was crying so hard that when my dad handed me back my phone to show my what he had texted the man I couldn’t see the screen because my eyes where filled with tears once I regained my vision I saw that my dad texted him saying “hey asshole this is her dad you better stop texting my daughter I am going to  call the police”

And he blocked the user and I deleted my Instagram account and the police where never called and I never heard from him again.

So to the people who use Instagram I advise you to keep it private and only expect requests from people you know.

Midnight Laughter

I live in Northern Wisconsin, where most of my family calls home. Except for my Father’s side of the family. They live in the middle of Minnesota, almost a 3 hour drive away from us. First and foremost, my family, especially my Father’s side, is very religious. Which is a large reason of why they never believe my odd experiences. I have never been the favored child either, always the clumsy and outcasted one. The one with the wild imagination. Two of the only family members around my age are my cousins, R and S. (For their privacy I will refer to them as their first initials). R is 9 months older than me, but always tries to act like I am the baby cousin. S is around 2 years older than me. We have always been close, when we were little we would take our Grandma’s hat pins, go around in a circle to each pick one, and then spill a secret to eachother, but recently we have been growing apart. It doesn’t help that I live so far away, or that I am having troubles with anxiety and depression. But back then, we were all attached by the hip.

The story begins at my Grandparent’s, with R and I begging to have a sleepover, they refused because she had church the next day. But our constant nagging and the thought of me not being able to spend time with her guilted our parents into letting me spend the night. Soon S arrived also, I was excited because I haven’t seen them in a very long time, and I had missed them. R’s house was a big one. There were 4 floors, including the basement. The main floor, with the kitchen and living room, upstairs with her parent’s room and two of her younger sister’s room along with the bathroom, downstairs with R’s and her other sister’s room, and finally the basement with its dark atmosphere, cold cement floors, and lots of closets. When we got settled in, i took a look around her room. Raggedy Ann dolls covered her shelves, normal for her but unsettling for me.

We were up for a while, talking and giggling. Then we soon fell asleep. I had a night terror about bugs crawling over me, ladybugs and ants. I woke up seeing them covering the bed with their squirming 6 legged bodies. I panicked but didnt want to wake my cousins up. Soon my eyes adjusted, and they disappeared. I was too tired to question what had just happened, so I went back to sleep. Suddenly, after what felt like seconds, I woke back up. I looked around, it was pitch black. Then, by movements my cousins made, I realized we were all awake. S and I were wide awake, feeling unsettled, but R was groggy and ready to go back to sleep, so she turned to face the closet. I looked out her open door and I swear i saw a faint glowing blue light coming from the top of the stairs. I told myself it probably wasn’t that late, so R’s parents were still up watching T.V.

After what felt like hours, we just sat in bed, unable to sleep. Then I heard this low maniacal laughter coming from upstairs. S’s eyes met mine. We sat there in silence for a few moments. “Di- Did you hear that too?” I whispered. She nodded slowly, with her eyes wide open. “It could just be R’s parents watching a movie.” I proposed. The possibility of that increased as I thought about it. “Should we go check?” S replied. I nodded. It took us a couple tries to get R out of bed. But I still wasn’t ready for the walk through the dark to the upstairs, but I had to. I had to prove it was her parents, because there must be a reasonable answer to what S and I heard. We made our way upstairs, and I felt a pang of horror when I saw the dark livingroom with the empty couches. We ran upstairs waking up R’s parents, asking them if they were up and what we learned scared me even more than I could possibly think of. R’s parents were dead asleep. S and I begged for R’s father to look around the house, and thats what he did. No unlocked windows or doors, no sign of any intruders. But that was impossible, I had heard it! S had heard it too! S and I looked at each other in horror. Then we were told to go back to sleep. We obliged, and even though R spept like a rock, S and I got no sleep that night.

I still dont know why I had that night terror, or what laughed in the middle of the night. I have never had a night terror before or since then. We have never brought it up since.

The Day at the Beach

Firstly, I want to state that I never actually saw this thing, but if you’ll just stick with the story, you’ll understand why that’s even more important. When I was about fourteen, my Uncle and Aunt lived near enough the Gulf of Mexico that, when my family went to visit, we would all get on my Uncle’s little boat and ride around to the beachfront area near Gulf Shores, AL. There was an area that was open enough for a small boat to pull right up to the beach, where we were hoping to swim and have a picnic for the day. Now before I get to the meat of the story, I want to state that we’d never seen anything out of the ordinary in our boat trips. The weirdest thing we’d ever seen was a huge bunch of jellyfish during spawning season.

So, my Aunt, Uncle, Mom and myself all get ready to pull around to this little sandbar for a day of sun and fun. My Uncle drops anchor out far enough so that he doesn’t run aground and we girls all bailed out to head for the beach. It had a few sunbathers but it was by no means crowded, which was why we picked it.

Immediately, a freak wave slams into us out of nowhere and the boat nearly runs us all over. Huge waves start battering the boat, pushing it toward the shore. My Uncle hopped out and the four of us wrestled against the waves to keep the boat from being beaches miles away from home and effectively stranding us.

Somehow, we succeeded in getting the boat back out to calm water. My Mom, who suffers with low blood sugar, started having the most inopportune low blood sugar moment possible, almost fainting right there. My Uncle threw us a bottle of grapejuice from the boat, but the three of us girls were stuck on the beach after having to wait for Mom to get her strength back. My Uncle yelled that we should circle the beach and find an easy place to swim it to him. Only there was none. It was either shallows too choppy for the boat to rest in or the open water.

So, being the strong, independent women we are, my Aunt and me carried my Mother between us and swam out to the boat. We shoved her up into the boat quickly as she’s a small person but my Aunt, who is a slightly large lady, was having trouble getting her feet on the ladder. By that time, we were in very deep water, far from the beach due to the current, and I was trying to hang on to the boat while also helping my Aunt get aboard. Later, my Uncle told me we were in water that was over thirty feet deep.

Thats when I felt it. I’ve got chills right now writing this. It was a hand, and I know it was a hand because I felt each of its five fingers wrap around my ankle. I know how human skin feels, even after it’s got all pruny from being in the water a while. This was different. It was rough and scratchy, kind of like shark skin and the fingers had an odd suctioned feeling like octopus tentacles but not as thick, where they pressed onto my skin. There were also long nails that I felt digging into my flesh on further from the fingertips. The grip wasn’t hard, in fact, it didn’t even pull on me. It was more curious, like trying to decide what my foot was or maybe what it wanted to do with it. When I felt it, I got super still and didn’t move my leg, afraid I’d make whatever this thing was angry. I wanted to scream, but sometimes the fear is just so overwhelming that noise doesn’t happen. I know now that whatever survival instincts were keeping me from going insane and kicking like crazy might’ve saved my life.

My Aunt began to finally pull herself up from the water and it would soon be my turn. I felt the blood drain from my face as another “hand” latched onto my ankle, too. The fingers tightened, tensing slowly for what I was coming to realize would be a pull down into the water. I wasn’t a champion swimmer in the least, but I could handle myself. But whatever this was, I knew it outclassed me easily.

My Aunt’s feet left the ladder and my Uncle reached down to help me up next. I gripped the ladder rung with all my strength, preparing to either fight for my life or just be ripped down to the depths. Either way, I was absolutely terrified. The hands around my ankle must have felt me resisting their hold because the grip loosened ever so slightly and then, miracle of miracles, they pushed upward to boost me out of the water.

Shaking with relief, I tumbled into the closest seat and my Uncle drove us home, too exhausted for any swimming or picnics after such an episode. I never told my family or anyone what I’d felt that day. I mean, who would ever believe that kind of story? I sometimes don’t know if even I truly believe that it happened. But then I remember the utterly inhuman feel of those hands and how I was sure they would drag me to my death. I also remember that once we were all safely back in the boat, I watched for a swimmer to come up for air, for some sign of a person having helped me. There was none. No one on the beach had even bothered to ask if we were okay. Which makes me mad now when I think about it. There was someone who had, apparently, decided that we needed a little “helping hand”. Even though the thought of what that someone may be terrifies me, I’m glad that one-time meeting went the way it did.

my first girlfriend and i’s paranormal date last year

Anyway this all happened when my girlfriend and I started dating last year, specifically on Valentine’s Day. As we both are specialists in the paranormal, and that’s actually why we dated in the first place, we wanted to do something fitting and interesting together.

I won’t give out our names, and say where we live exactly. But i’ll say that we both live in Florida. And that last year we wanted to see the legendary Skunk Ape that lives in the everglades national park. We went there on bus because we didn’t know how to drive. I was 17 and my girlfriend was 15.

We went during the day. We arrived in the place that the Skunk Ape lives at. We were excited and at the same time a little afraid, because all bigfoot species are known to be really violent, especially towards humans. Anyway we both got to where the Skunk Ape is reported. We both had our I-phones to record it, but at the same time we didn’t want to get to close to it, since Bigfoot are notorious for being violent.

So anyway we waited for a terrible smell, since they literally stink. We made out for about three hours before we smelled something horrible. We both knew right away that it had to be the Skunk Ape.

We both hid behind some bushes, and waited for something to show up. We finally saw it. We started to record it right away. The Skunk Ape was about seven and half feet tall, looked to be about four hundred pounds, and looked to be either a chimpanzee and an orangutan. But we finally caught it we ran out of there as fast as we possible could. The reason on why my girlfriend and I both managed to escape from it, was because everglades national park is a big swamp, but without any trees anywhere. So it was easy for us to see the Skunk Ape, and then run away from it. We both had our first encounter with the Skunk Ape.

We’ve both had other dates involving the supernatural since then. But this was our first one. My girlfriend and I are actually both still together. And this actually happened during the same week that Valentines day was on.

Except that it was on a Saturday.