The Call

For background to the story, my brother and I are involved with law enforcement in our local police department. Im a field training officer for the the law enforcement explorer program and my brother is a community service officer for the department. We love what we do, don’t get me wrong, there’s ups and down but what happened on a particular day, we will never forget.

It was a quiet Thursday morning when my brother and I were patroling around the neighborhood in the squad car, Unit 20.  We were in the middle of having conversation about me leaving to join the Marine Corps, and him possibly going to to police academy, when we hear an officer being dispatched to a call.

My ex from gaming

So.. This may not be as creepy as direct encounters.. But it left me scarred and to this day I have trouble opening up to people and suffer from anxiety, which makes it difficult for me to be in a relationship because I’m scared that this will happen again.
When I were a kid, I didn’t have much luck socially.

I didn’t have that many friends and ended up playing games to entertain myself and improve my social skills, even if it was online. I started playing World of Warcraft, and I play to this day and I love the game and have had many great experiences and actually met a lot of my friends in the game. I would never blame the game for my experience. This can happen to anyone on the internet, game or no game.

Lights Out Lady’s

I am in 8th grade and every year my school takes a trip to Disney world and they normally take 8th graders but I was a lucky 7th grader that got to go and at the time I’d had many friends in 8th grade

when we get there we all got unpacked for we would be there for the next week and a half we go there around 9 so our volunteer made us settle down

Is my House Haunted?

When I was 4 years old, my parents bought a piece of property in a somewhat new neighborhood, and had a house built. It was your average traditional home. For a long time, my house was normal. However, once I turned 7, things started to feel off. I began to feel overwhelming feelings of fear and dread. I felt as if I was being watched.

There came a point where I would cry every night because of how scared I was. Not a silent, crying under the covers kind of thing. A screaming out for my mother or father with tears streaming down my face. Eventually, I was sleeping with my parents every night. I only ever felt this way in my room. I felt it occasionally somewhere else in my house, but it was very evident in my room. I tried to tell my parents that there was something in my room, but they just assumed I just had an overactive imagination. After a few months, I started sleeping in my own bed again. When I was around 9, some new neighbors moved into the house across the street, and the eldest boy and myself became very good friends. We liked to venture out into the woods and let our imaginations run wild.

Late Night Run-In with a Skinwalker

Hi my name is Kate and this happened to me one year ago.

I was going for a walk, it was late and I had nothing else to do. I was about was a mile away from my house, I was walking on a path in a field far from the main road. It was about 2 am, but it wasn’t a problem, as my parents trusted that I would return home.

Anyways, I was walking past a tree line, when I started to hear static, like an old radio, that was the only thing I could compare it to. I was rather frightened by this, but I decided to keep walking, then I heard in a child’s voice, “help”. I stopped short, I looked at the tree line frozen, and debating what to do, I then stuck one foot out to where the voice came from. Again, I heard the voice repeating what it had just said.

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