Mall Stalker

Hello As you probably guessed I have to keep my name here anonymous as I really don’t want the people close to me knowing the second half of the “story” for lack of a better term. as of today August 1st 2017 I haven’t slept for 2 weeks for more then 10min. now before I get started reliving my horror I feel this is crucial for you to understand and live it as I did.

I am a 20 year old male weighing about 300lbs give or take. now I’m not pure fat and am pretty toned  but I’m no body builder by any means. all through school life I’ve been bullied about my weight, I used to be the little guy so I ate and ate until well you get the picture. after the  years I gained the reputation of the guy you didn’t want to fuk with. after being taught how to box by my dad and grandfather.

Creepy Bus Guy

First-time poster, I’m 17 years old and I currently live in London where there are red buses nearly everywhere you turn. I don’t live in central London but I do live in a town within London where there are still a lot of the famous red buses so it isn’t always busy in the area, I mean little to no tourist come to this town so nearly everyone in this town know each other or seen one another at least once.

This happened when I was in Year 7 when I was about 11-12 years old. I recently moved to my secondary school with my twin sister my strict Asian Mum never let me and my sister go out and chill with friends. the only time I am allowed out is when she forced my brother to come. my older brother was one year older and we were all extremely close. we treated each other more like friends and we don’t mind being seen together with each other. one day, my mother needed us to go run errands as she needs to take care of my other sister who was 4 at the time. so we did our shopping and stuff which took about an hour.

Tusk man

I am aboriginal and this story that my uncle told me from 20 years ago gives me chills when he was growing up he live in a small town in NSW he was walking over a bridge at 9pm when he was 14 with his friend who was also 14 this bridge was isolated and had vines growing over it with a creek beneath it

half way over the bridge he heard a very deep voice ask for a cigarette when he turned around he saw something that gives him night terrors to this day it was a man with tusk like an elephant wearing a cloak that look like he had stolen off a hobo with torn up boots like the ones u will find in the water he towerd over then standing 7 feet tall with a grin they ran without looking back for about a kilometre

Goatman at my Bonfire

Let me start off by saying i am a 16 year old boy I grew up hearing stories from boggy creek to the llorona sometimes even about the goat man , me and my girlfriend were planning a date for weeks so I decide to pick her up and take her out to dinner we had a nice time ,

but we still wanted to hangout with each other so I invited her to come to my brothers place with me they lived right by her so I could walk her home whenever I wanted , so she called her dad and told him she was going with me and I would walk her home afterwards ,

The Call

For background to the story, my brother and I are involved with law enforcement in our local police department. Im a field training officer for the the law enforcement explorer program and my brother is a community service officer for the department. We love what we do, don’t get me wrong, there’s ups and down but what happened on a particular day, we will never forget.

It was a quiet Thursday morning when my brother and I were patroling around the neighborhood in the squad car, Unit 20.  We were in the middle of having conversation about me leaving to join the Marine Corps, and him possibly going to to police academy, when we hear an officer being dispatched to a call.

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