The Day at the Beach

Firstly, I want to state that I never actually saw this thing, but if you’ll just stick with the story, you’ll understand why that’s even more important. When I was about fourteen, my Uncle and Aunt lived near enough the Gulf of Mexico that, when my family went to visit, we would all get on my Uncle’s little boat and ride around to the beachfront area near Gulf Shores, AL. There was an area that was open enough for a small boat to pull right up to the beach, where we were hoping to swim and have a picnic for the day. Now before I get to the meat of the story, I want to state that we’d never seen anything out of the ordinary in our boat trips. The weirdest thing we’d ever seen was a huge bunch of jellyfish during spawning season.

So, my Aunt, Uncle, Mom and myself all get ready to pull around to this little sandbar for a day of sun and fun. My Uncle drops anchor out far enough so that he doesn’t run aground and we girls all bailed out to head for the beach. It had a few sunbathers but it was by no means crowded, which was why we picked it.

Immediately, a freak wave slams into us out of nowhere and the boat nearly runs us all over. Huge waves start battering the boat, pushing it toward the shore. My Uncle hopped out and the four of us wrestled against the waves to keep the boat from being beaches miles away from home and effectively stranding us.

Somehow, we succeeded in getting the boat back out to calm water. My Mom, who suffers with low blood sugar, started having the most inopportune low blood sugar moment possible, almost fainting right there. My Uncle threw us a bottle of grapejuice from the boat, but the three of us girls were stuck on the beach after having to wait for Mom to get her strength back. My Uncle yelled that we should circle the beach and find an easy place to swim it to him. Only there was none. It was either shallows too choppy for the boat to rest in or the open water.

So, being the strong, independent women we are, my Aunt and me carried my Mother between us and swam out to the boat. We shoved her up into the boat quickly as she’s a small person but my Aunt, who is a slightly large lady, was having trouble getting her feet on the ladder. By that time, we were in very deep water, far from the beach due to the current, and I was trying to hang on to the boat while also helping my Aunt get aboard. Later, my Uncle told me we were in water that was over thirty feet deep.

Thats when I felt it. I’ve got chills right now writing this. It was a hand, and I know it was a hand because I felt each of its five fingers wrap around my ankle. I know how human skin feels, even after it’s got all pruny from being in the water a while. This was different. It was rough and scratchy, kind of like shark skin and the fingers had an odd suctioned feeling like octopus tentacles but not as thick, where they pressed onto my skin. There were also long nails that I felt digging into my flesh on further from the fingertips. The grip wasn’t hard, in fact, it didn’t even pull on me. It was more curious, like trying to decide what my foot was or maybe what it wanted to do with it. When I felt it, I got super still and didn’t move my leg, afraid I’d make whatever this thing was angry. I wanted to scream, but sometimes the fear is just so overwhelming that noise doesn’t happen. I know now that whatever survival instincts were keeping me from going insane and kicking like crazy might’ve saved my life.

My Aunt began to finally pull herself up from the water and it would soon be my turn. I felt the blood drain from my face as another “hand” latched onto my ankle, too. The fingers tightened, tensing slowly for what I was coming to realize would be a pull down into the water. I wasn’t a champion swimmer in the least, but I could handle myself. But whatever this was, I knew it outclassed me easily.

My Aunt’s feet left the ladder and my Uncle reached down to help me up next. I gripped the ladder rung with all my strength, preparing to either fight for my life or just be ripped down to the depths. Either way, I was absolutely terrified. The hands around my ankle must have felt me resisting their hold because the grip loosened ever so slightly and then, miracle of miracles, they pushed upward to boost me out of the water.

Shaking with relief, I tumbled into the closest seat and my Uncle drove us home, too exhausted for any swimming or picnics after such an episode. I never told my family or anyone what I’d felt that day. I mean, who would ever believe that kind of story? I sometimes don’t know if even I truly believe that it happened. But then I remember the utterly inhuman feel of those hands and how I was sure they would drag me to my death. I also remember that once we were all safely back in the boat, I watched for a swimmer to come up for air, for some sign of a person having helped me. There was none. No one on the beach had even bothered to ask if we were okay. Which makes me mad now when I think about it. There was someone who had, apparently, decided that we needed a little “helping hand”. Even though the thought of what that someone may be terrifies me, I’m glad that one-time meeting went the way it did.

my first girlfriend and i’s paranormal date last year

Anyway this all happened when my girlfriend and I started dating last year, specifically on Valentine’s Day. As we both are specialists in the paranormal, and that’s actually why we dated in the first place, we wanted to do something fitting and interesting together.

I won’t give out our names, and say where we live exactly. But i’ll say that we both live in Florida. And that last year we wanted to see the legendary Skunk Ape that lives in the everglades national park. We went there on bus because we didn’t know how to drive. I was 17 and my girlfriend was 15.

We went during the day. We arrived in the place that the Skunk Ape lives at. We were excited and at the same time a little afraid, because all bigfoot species are known to be really violent, especially towards humans. Anyway we both got to where the Skunk Ape is reported. We both had our I-phones to record it, but at the same time we didn’t want to get to close to it, since Bigfoot are notorious for being violent.

So anyway we waited for a terrible smell, since they literally stink. We made out for about three hours before we smelled something horrible. We both knew right away that it had to be the Skunk Ape.

We both hid behind some bushes, and waited for something to show up. We finally saw it. We started to record it right away. The Skunk Ape was about seven and half feet tall, looked to be about four hundred pounds, and looked to be either a chimpanzee and an orangutan. But we finally caught it we ran out of there as fast as we possible could. The reason on why my girlfriend and I both managed to escape from it, was because everglades national park is a big swamp, but without any trees anywhere. So it was easy for us to see the Skunk Ape, and then run away from it. We both had our first encounter with the Skunk Ape.

We’ve both had other dates involving the supernatural since then. But this was our first one. My girlfriend and I are actually both still together. And this actually happened during the same week that Valentines day was on.

Except that it was on a Saturday.

Something Very Malicious Followed us

first, a little about myself, I’m 18 years old, male, don’t do any drugs, do drink a little bit.

so a few nights ago, me and a few friends were invited to party, (you know, stay up stupid late and get drunk in a park, that sort of thing) at about 10:30 at night, one of my friends (ill call him James) said he was going to leave to go buy Marijuana off a dealer. me and another friend, (joe?) decided to go with him as he was very drunk, and we both wanted to make sure he was okay. (I myself had only had a little to drink, I don’t normally go to these things, and had only come to hang out with a few old friends I hadn’t seen in ages).

We got there ok and did the deed without incident, on our way back I rolled my friends a crappy joint (they were both really messed up and at this point I was kinda sober sitting them), we missed the bus on the way back, so we decided to walk back, at my friends suggestion, we cut through a graveyard, I was very careful to avoid stepping on where people were buried, but my friends, being the drunk, high morons there were, decided to jump from headstone to headstone while saying really vile things about the people buried below them.

At first I didn’t think much of what they had done, it was definitely in poor taste, but I obviously didn’t think much would come of it. A couple blocks later, James started begging me to roll him another joint, so we decided to go sit down behind a local pool. While I rolled the joint, my friend joe held an umbrella over me and the marijuana while James stumbled around smoking a cigarette. I was just finishing up, when everything around us seemed to get distant, and everything went silent, we were beside an air intake, and it all of a sudden shut off, I couldn’t hear anything coming from the nearby road. I looked up at my friends and instantly saw that they had noticed the oddity as well. All of a sudden I felt something brush past my ankle, and we heard four, very loud, distinct bangs, from on the other side of the cement wall we were beside.

I felt really freaked out and just… immensely uneasy, we all decided to get the hell out of there. my feelings were collaborated by my two friends, joe saying that he felt like there was something angry there, and James saying that that space had all of a sudden felt very, very bad.

I felt acutely like I was being watched as we walked away, after we reached the far side of the parking lot, that feeling had blossomed into a feeling of being followed. So I looked behind me, and I caught a very faint… image of the thing. it was too quick for me to really get a good look at it.

it was large, on all fours with a very wide hunched body, and backwards bent legs, like a dogs, with very large paws on it’s rear feet, and appendages similar to hands on it’s front legs. it was very skinny, I could see it’s ribs pretty clearly but it was also sinewy. It was covered in a sparse pitch black fur, with parts of it’s fur missing to reveal a very pale scratched and bloodied skin, it looked almost like this thing had been whipped.  If it stood upright, I believe it would’ve been 7-8 feet tall.

the two things that really stick with me were the fact that the hair on the back of it’s neck was raised, and almost looked sharp, and the fact that it’s eyes were a luminescent red colour that seemed to leave a trail wherever it went.

I just caught a glimpse it, as it darted behind us, and into a bunch of bushes beside the parking lot, I grabbed both my friends, and told them to look behind us. I pointed at it, and we all saw the eyes, they both wrote it off as a parked car’s tail lights through the bushes, as the thing stayed perfectly still, and blended into the shrubs perfectly. we kept walking, me ahead of the other two, at this point I started drinking, as I was stressed about whatever it was, and I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t real. When we got back to the park we were all at, my friend Joe said that he heard heavy, fast footsteps behind us, and a few minutes later, my friend James said that he heard two voices talking, both me and joe were silent, and had been pretty much so since the parking lot. A few moments later, I heard the voices too, they were low sharp whispers that were speaking very fast and angrily. at this point we were all spooked, and were happy to get back to everybody else.


After doing a bit of digging around, I’ve decided that this… thing was most likely a hellhound, or a demon of some sort. the fact that something  brushed my leg, and then knocked on the other side of a wall, with no easy access to, eliminates the possibility of it being anything physical. and lends itself to a more ethereal or paranormal explanation

two things further have happened since the incident,

firstly, I have had incredibly lucid, detailed and dark dreams about my friends and loved ones being possessed and tormented by a very evil being with a specific name I remember clearly, but wont mention here. and second, I still feel like it is watching me, waiting outside my home.

don’t disrespect the dead. There are things out there that do not take lightly to such things.

Thanks for reading this, (if ya did) I just wanted to share this somewhere, as I’m still very shaken from this. (I’m venting TBH) I know what I saw. I know I wasn’t hallucinating. before this I didn’t really believe in the paranormal. and again, I don’t do drugs, only drink, and I was pretty much sober when this happened.

if you’d like a more detailed description of this incident, feel free to contact me via email.

Camp Creeper

I’m going to start with some background info about myself. I was an 11 year old girl when this happened. I was going camping with my girl guiding troop for the weekend. I had missed my drama club and a singing audition so I hoped it would be worth the trip.

Because I was the one of the oldest of the youngest (being 11 and everyone else under 11) I was fuming when I was told we were in a tent meant for 4 but I was sharing it with 7 other people. After I set up my sleeping bag me and my best friend there decided to go to the disco our troop had. No one else just OUR troop.

It was just me my best friend and two other of my friends from there- and the DJ… Now; me and my friends didn’t pay much attention to him until my best friend pulled me aside and whispered “Hey- I think the DJ’s checking one of us out…” At the time I believed every single conspiracy theory on the internet- so I started to get sucspicous.

I remember *twerking* with my friend and from that point I made eye contact with him. Like any pre-teen girl I was kind of embarrassed. But when he looked at me in the eye with a smirk- I knew he was watching us. When we got back to the tent we joked around about him with the other girls but it still creeped me out.

The next day (or should I say night) there was a huge disco. There were about 25 other guide districts there and it was now only three of us- including my best friend. We ran in there and my friends just started dancing. It was still the same DJ so I felt a little uncomfortable. He was still looking at me and my friends. I left early to go to the toilet and I left my friends there. They were fine.

And the next day (you thought I was finished didn’t you) we done this fitness thing- 5 sessions in a row to be exact. And you probably guessed by now the dj was also there. While we were being the kids we were wanting to lose weight the DJ was packing up his stuff because it was the last day of camp. I almost didn’t notice him until we turned around as part of the fitness and- he was there.

The weird thing was he stayed all of five sessions. Each session we done five fitness routines (so we did 25 fitness routines). After we finished we got our stuff and left the camp. I never mentioned this to my parents and I’m never planning to. Me and my best friend still joke about it even now.

I wish I went to the audition instead.

But it creeped me out…

Creepy Delivery Man

So my aunts were out of town for a couple a weeks and trusted me to be home alone (since I’m 20 years old) they didn’t have a thing to worry about. I’m not the major party type, I just like to go to work at a local store in my hometown, go out to eat, get cleaned up, go to bed, and repeat.

I decided to stay in one night and ordered pizza. I didn’t think this much trouble would come from something so simple.

I called and ordered, it didn’t take too long for them to get to my house. I looked to make sure it was the delivery guy. I was thankfully correct, he was kinda creepy.

I went out and signed for it, the man looked at me and asked me creepy questions like “how old are you?” and asking “Do you live alone?”

I used to live around creepy guys when I was a child so I knew how to answer them. I told him to have a good night,

Stepped in backward but the sentence gave me chills “by the way, you look really good in your work uniform.” I just pretended to smile and walked into my house, locked the door, and have an anxiety attack.

I didn’t see him for a week after that incident. I was walking home and I seen him looking around the store, I hurried out of the store.

He slowly walked and said hi to me. I smiled and waved and kept walking. He kept following me so I kept looking behind and he was casually following me. So I walked into a gas station that I always stopped into after work so the boss and I know each other very well that we are fairly good friends.

I told him about the situation, he told this man to leave me alone or he would have a problem with him and other people, the man was angry and said “I’ll see her alone soon” he stormed out of the gas station.

I haven’t seen this person since then, now I have my guard up even more.