Author: <span class="vcard">Anon</span>

Thrift store Trickster

I’ve worked at this thrift store for 9 months now and there’s always little things happening here and there.

My supervisor, let’s call him Jim, ghost hunts on his free time. He has a whole paranormal crew and a bunch of equipment he sometimes brings to work. Jim tells me about a lot of little things that happen in the store but i’m not surprised since it is a thrift store and people donate a ton of shit to us. Who knows what could be attached to them. Last halloween he told me about this mannequin we used to show some costumes ideas. He was closing that night with a few others and decided to hang the mannequin on the wall so they would know where to get it for the next day.

Winter Break Fun

To start off, I am 15 years old and I am left alone quite often at my house. It’s not really a big deal to me, but when it comes close to dawn I guess you could say I get a bit anxious.┬áDuring my freshman year, I was left alone one day during winter break. My sister was at a friends and┬áboth parents were at work. My brother had recently left to go to the gym, and told me he’d be back within an hour or so.

I sat in my basement playing Mario kart and chatting with a friend on the phone, the typical night of a teenager. The snow outside began to come down harder with each second passing, and I assumed my parents were stuck on the roads at the time. 10:30 rolled around and I began to be paranoid of all of my surroundings. I was just beginning to reply to my friend when the power to the house was cut. It wasn’t like a usual power outage in my neighborhood, you could hear the power attempting to turn back on with a what sounded like a low growl.