Attacked on a cruise ship

When I was 18 so in about 2006 my girlfriend and I decided to take a cruise to celebrate becoming adults, the type of cruise we choose to take had tons of alcohol and food and a lot of cute guys!

One night I couldn’t sleep, my friend was passed out cold and I for the life of me just couldn’t drift off to sleep, I decided to go out to the deck and have a cigarette and take a walk to hopefully tire myself out.. I found my headphones, cigarettes and lighter then left the room quickly.

The halls were deserted (which didn’t surprise me as it was 3 am). So I put my head phones in and blasted my favourite band at the time (marianas trench) and walked down the hall toward the upper deck, I felt an eerie feeling and looked back feeling someone watching me, the hair on my neck stood up I turned around quickly but no one was behind me, I kinda laughed at myself and said “okay Mandy get it together “..

I walked up to the deck that was also deserted and so I found a spot on a bench closer to the front of the ship and sat down. I lit a cigarette and starred out at the ocean,

as I smoked my cancer stick for a few minutes focusing on the reflection of the moon on the water and suddenly I felt someone sit beside me, I looked over instinctively and a guy about 40 or so was sitting beside me,

I didn’t want to talk to a stranger so I looked back at the water, the guy sat beside me and suddenly I felt him yank one of my ear buds out. I looked at him annoyed and said “what the hell?”. “You’re pretty” he told me. “Ya um thank you” I replied awkwardly. “Are you here alone?”

He asked moving closer. “” I told him feeling anixous. “With your boyfriend?” He asked. I looked him and my guy told me to lie and I said “yea.. he’s sleeping”.

He gave me a creepy side grin. “Pretty girl like you if you were my girlfriend I’d be making these waves rock ” he joked with a laugh. I looked at him horrified. “My names Mohammed” he told me inching closer again. I didn’t respond instead I put my earbud back in hoping he’d get the hint and then I continued to smoke my cigarette.

A few seconds later he yanked my ear bud out again and his both scared and pissed me off. I stood up quickly.

“Do you like wine?” He asked, “I have wine in my room, you should join me for a glass”.

At this point I was freaked out completely, “no I don’t drink wine and I don’t know you please leave me alone” I told him sternly.

“So angry” he said with a chuckle, “you need someone to clear that up for you”. I started to walk away and head back to my room and I got about 3 steps away when he grabbed my left wrist and stopped me. Before I could say anything he grabbed me and held me in a huge hug and I shit you not I felt the buldge on his pants against my leg. “You smell so good” he said.

I pulled violently away from him while screaming “get the fuck away from me!”: I was able to get far enough away from him that I could run quickly inside, a security guard must’ve heard me scream because as I reached the door to get back inside the ship the guard stopped me, I was crying from fear and he asked me if I was okay.

I managed to choke out what had happened and he told me to stay inside as he rushed outside to deal with John. A few minutes later he came back inside and told me that there was no man on the deck , and that he may have gone back to his room. He had me fill out a report and give a detailed description of my attacker and then he escorted me back to my room.

The next morning I told my friend about what had happened and she made me agree to not go out on the deck alone again and she didn’t have to tell me twice.The rest of the cruise I was on edge but I didn’t see john again, the weird thing is that there was no Mohammed listed on the ship and no man matching that description was ever found either according to the security officer who took my report he and a few coworkers tried to find this man as they didn’t want him harassing any other women..

this scares me because I know how happened and I know how he smelled and how greasy he seemed.. so scary ship guy let’s never meet again!