Update on a ghostly friend

You can read the previous story here: http://darknessprevails.org/ghost-special-person/

Before I start this story let me say that this is an update story, so if my account name is familiar that’s likely why.

When I submitted my previous story titled “Ghost of a special person” I forgot a few things that just don’t make sence and also as I’m typing this something else happened to me about 13 hours ago, which I’ll talk about towards the end of my story.

I’m now 14 years old and a Canadian living only about 2 hours north of Toronto in a city of about 147,000 people so most people who don’t live around my city would’ve never heard of it. Also my old School (I’m in high school rather than elementary) the first recess was from 10:45am to 11:05am and we left at 3:05pm. (These times will be important later). Now with all the background information done let’s get into the story.

To start by my bed there is a little flashlight that has been dead for years and for about two weeks would be on when I woke up and when I went to sleep yet when I went into my room after I got home it would be dead. After about two weeks of this I decided “Fuck it” and picked it up turned it off and back on but it wouldn’t go back on which means the battery died but then how was it on in the first place.

The next thing that happened and to me this is pretty damn convincing. As I said in my last story I have a German Shepherd and he is extremely protective, and every once in a while (Any where form 0-1 times a week to 5 a week), he will out of nowhere start barking at something near the front door, and my dad will get up to see nothing and once my dad rounds the corner to see the front door is the exact moment my dog stops barking which I don’t think is coincidence considering it happens around 10:45pm or 11:05pm (Yes I know that that’s 12 hours after I said recess was but still).

Another point to why I believe that my oldest friend is who this ghost is is the faCT that when she talked to me (I talked about this in my first story)
was between 10:45 and 11:05. Also when my mom had her experience it was around 3:05 and I don’t believe that this was bt coincidence.

And in my mind the scariest thing is when my dad gets up to go to work you can hear the floor loudly creak (My dad’s about 290lbs.) I hear that same sound of when he takes a step and I will hear that, but what ever made that sound doesn’t step off. Then I hear my dad walk on the same spot and him step off, with out the previous pressure being lifted. And of course the “Fake dad” as I’ll call it happend around 3:05.

And this is my visual sighting whichwas more creepy than properly scary. About 4 months ago I was watching YouTube in my bed and I saw a almost wig (Hair while attached to nothing) gliding by over the top of my phone than whenough I went to focus on it it disappeared. And I bring this up because we have no wigs in the house and my friend who I believe this ghost is of had beautiful long flowing blonde hair and this is exactly what I saw.

Now for my final thing that happened was about 13 hours ago I was trying to go to sleep at around 3:30 in the morning and out of nowhere I heard a sound like a plastic shovel being dragged along a road like the blade of the shovel on the road. I heard this sound along my wall outside. Keep in mind I sleep on the second story and on the ide away from the road and back patio this thing sounded like it was right outside my window and no one would have access to there so I have no clue what it could’ve been.