Australian skinwalker

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My name is Tom and i’m a 15 year old typical Australian teenager, you know the stereotypes of teenagers, always texting, Facebook and staying up all night. It was a typical summer night, it was hot and i was up all night as i couldn’t sleep.

This is where some important information comes in, we live on a 1200 acre farm in the middle of nowhere, my house is situated in the middle of the farm surrounded by paddocks. we have a heard of cattle that sometimes stays in the paddock next to us for the night until the next morning and there are also some calves situated next to us. As most of you know cattle get frightened of anything that they don’t know.

So i was sitting up and doing some gaming one night while everyone was asleep when I heard the cattle starting to freak out in a way, I assumed this was just my dog as he goes out and chases the cattle sometimes, whenever this happens I usually have to go outside and call him and he will return, so I put on a shirt, grabbed a torch and walked out onto my porch to call my dog back. But as I got to the porch I was waving the torch around trying to find my dog, i could see the cattle running from something but I couldn’t see what. This is when the beam of my torch caught something that was about 50 meters away from me, i looked closer and then my heart dropped. There were yellow amber eyes looking straight at me, this creature was inhuman. Tall, thing lanky arms and looks like it was malnourished, i sprinted back to the door with my heart beating out of chest and slammed the door behind me, my parents room is down the other end of the house but i’m still surprised it didn’t wake them up. I ran back to my room and shut the door behind me.

As you can already tell I definitely didn’t sleep that night, I laid in the darkness as i heard tapping on the window until the sun came up the next morning. I haven’t gotten much sleep since that night and I will never go out after dark again, even if there is someone with me.

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Okay… you did nothing to protect or save your animals aka cattle? I would have woken up my parents and if you don’t have a weapon, get something to make a loud enough noise to scare the creature away from attacking them. Those poor animals!! The most terrifying part however is the fact it stayed outside of your room all night tapping your window. What I can never figure out, how does it know what room the witnesses are in??