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A little background before I begin- Im a female young adult from remote western Australia. I am surrounded by 1000’s of kilometres of farmland and bushland (forest if you are not familiar with the term bush) and we have a large variety of native wildlife on our farm and in surrounding bushland.

Anyway, onto the story. Ever day after work I walk my two bordercollies through a selected bush track which is roughly 10 kilometres long as a way to unwind from my shitty job. I have seen creepy things in there before such as dead kittens and livestock which have been dumped by farmers and thrown across logs in a creepy fashion but nothing compared to what I witnessed this particular day. It is important to note that since we are so rural there is a lack of people out here, however I sometimes pass a camper or the odd drug grower using the remoteness of the bush as an opportunity to grow their marijuana despite the area being well known to police for drug growth.

So as I was walking my dogs late last year in the middle of summer I was surprised when my two dogs stopped, began to growl and the hair on the back of their neck began to stand. I thought that it may just be a kangaroo or feral pig as my younger dog gets quite worked up when they are around. This thought quickly faded when I felt cold and broke out in goosebumps despite it still being a hot 37 degrees Celsius at 5.30pm. A couple of seconds after the temperature dropped i rounded the corner and there was a little girl standing in the middle of the bush trail and the sudden sight of someone frightened the shit out of me!

The little girl was looking in the opposite direction with her back to me and looked around 7 years old by her hight, dirty blonde medium length hair, plain red shirt and black shorts. As I was about to laugh to myself about letting a little girl who was probably camping with her parents scare me, the girl turned and looked at me. This was no normal girl- here eyes were black. Not black as in contact black but a hollow, lifeless black. The thing opened its mouth and let out an earsplitting howl/screech, turned and ran back into the bush.

Needless to say i hightailed it out of there dragging my cowering, frightened farm dogs and ran for about 6 kilometres fuelled by fear and adrenaline before my adrenaline crashed and my lungs burnt, legs ached and head spun. After another 2 kilometres or so I arrived home, ran inside and locked my dogs and myself in the bedroom too shit scared to come out to eat dinner.

I didn’t walk through that bush for a month afterwards, but since walking again I haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary. I have been walking this bush since I was 10 years old and have never experienced anything like this before. This story is 100% true, you do not have to believe me but I am posting this here in hopes of finding out what the hell I saw. An Australian skinwalker, native aboriginal spirit disguised as a little girl or just some really fucked up prank played by some campers?

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Black eyed children.. they are evil