Arizona Window Peeker

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By GordoPrevails

I’m a 16 year old highschool student in a small town in arizona. My family bounced around, we went from the valley, to my hometown. I won’t say it for privacy reasons. I’ll do the same for my siblings and stepsiblings. Anyway, we moved out to the outskirts of the town, heading towards the San Francisco peaks, the road stretched all the way there.

There was even a budhist monastery on the way there. We were still in town, but we were singled out. With only a few houses around us. Our house was decent sized, just a doublewide with a nice interior, the kitchen was pretty big, at which it led to a laundry room, that’s where this story unfolded.

It was about 10:00, probably 11, I can’t remember, and my brother, let’s call him Frodo, was playing on ny Ps4. I was getting pretty thirsty so I decided to ascend from my den and get a glass of water, and maybe sneak me a late night snack. As I turned the foset I noticed a big dark figure stomp by the kitchen window. I didn’t think much of it so I shrugged and finished off the water and grabbed my clothes from the dryer. While there, I caught a glimpse of a face with glimmering yellowish-amber eyes watch me.

I didn’t notice it until I fully looked out the window. We locked eyes for a mere 30 seconds, then I reacted. I dropped my clothes out of fear but I couldn’t squeeze anything out, I was frozen in shock in fear as I stared into the eyes of a massive hairy, flatfaced, humanoid figure. It tried opening the door, I know if because I watched it look down at the nob and I heard it grab onto it and try to force it open, to my advantage, I quickly snapped from my terror trance and locked the tumbler lock on the door, so all I seen was the nob turn left, then turn right, it did this about 10-15 times, then it must’ve gotten bored with that door, because I seen it head to the glass slide open door about maybe 15 feet away? All my instincts force me to do was run there and keep a close eye on it.

I think I might’ve pissed it off because it glared at me and it let out a growl. I heard that growl feom inside, it was deep and it was rumbling. it slapped the glass hard and it sent me flinching back and hitting the table. I knew I’d be fucked now because of the fact that it was glass, and the fact that it was a slide open door, literally all it would need to do is yank it open as hard as it could, or smash the glass. Now there’s a reason why I call myself Gordo, because for one I’m a big guy, but this thing, man, I’m telling you, it easily towered over me, and I’m sure it easily outweighed me by a couple hundred pounds, if that.

As soon as I gathered my wits, I sprinted to my room and slammed the door. My light was off, and the blinds were shut, but outside I could hear a distant chatter, and it’s large thuds inching my way. My heart immediately dropped and I clutched onto my combat knife that I bought from a close friend a while ago and I hesitantly creeped to my bedroom window where I watched the thing clear a barbwire fence then disappear into a nearby field. I couldn’t sleep then, and still can’t now. But hey, I can now say I survived a window peaking bigfoot

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