April Fool’s Prank Becomes A Living Nightmare

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By Alyse Fairbaye

This happened just at around 9:30 last night. I’m a 15 year-old girl living in the Suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and this is was my friends April Fool’s prank toward me come to life.

It was April Fools yesterday, and me and my best friend Cheyenne decided to go outside at around 8 pm to a park 10 minutes from my house. We did a little bit of jogging, sat on the swings, and basically spent around 20 minutes yelling cuss words at our phones Because some guys that we met on Whisper were being douges. As we sat on the swings in the dead of night, I randomly turned to Cheyenne and said,

“Are you afraid of hobos?”
Confused, she finally looked up from her phone with an eyebrow raised.

“…It depends. Why?” she responded. Trying to seem like something was wrong, I replied with,

“Oh, no reason.” I looked into a random direct, continuing to kick my legs so I would go higher on the swing set. I secretly watched her already naturally pale face turn even paler.

“Breonna… you better tell me why.” She demanded. I sighed, giving up on my little game.

“We’ll, one time while I was walking my dog around here near Sunset, some random dude told me to be careful about the woods behind us, Because apparently 3 hobos live back there.”

I watched Cheyenne turn away, almost terrified. She quickly swung her head around to look at the woods behind the small square box in area know as the dog park.

Fast forward to 25 minutes later, we were laying in the grass inbetween two baseball fields and behind the jungle gym, looking up at the clouded sky. I had just told Cheyenne how great this felt, just laying on the grass in the dead of night, when she stopped suddenly.

“Hey Bre…. I think theres a person over there…” She whispered. Me being the paranoid person I’ve always been, i layed on the ground, still as a board.

“Oh my god, where?!” I yelled/whispered back to her. I was to afraid to sit up and move. About a few seconds I got over myself, and sat up, looking around.

“Over there by that tree!” She replied. I looked around again, but saw no one. I was honestly starting to get scared.

Attempting to debunk her I said, “What tree!? Theres like 100 trees! You can’t see without your glasses remember!? I swear your Schizophrenic!”

She laughed lightly at the joke. I desperately continued to look around until my paranoia got the best of me and I stood up, and began speed walking back toward the path we took to get to the park.

Cheyenne followed, laughing, and then blirted out through giggles, “When you try to April Fools your friend but it doesn’t work.”

I looked back at her, feeling personally attacked. “Oh my god, you did not.” I said, running back over to my spot on the grass, and standing there. “You knew how comfortable I was,” I started,” Why would you do that!?”

Cheyenne just continued to chuckle to herself and voice text her prank to her boyfriends and one of his friends. I stood alone, 3 feet away from her, looking around into the darkness before I even thought about sitting down and getting confortable again.

My eyes fell upon a car on the other side of the park, where a school was. I clearly saw head lights swerve around and stop near the edge of the parking lot. The head lights then quickly turned off, and next I saw a clear stream of white light, looking to be similar to a flashlight.

As soon as the flashlight landed on me, it turned off. I proceeded to look at the car in the pitch dark, seeing only for a second the inside lights of the car illuminate a person, before watching the lights inside the car turn off after I heard a faint car door slam in the distant.

I whispered over to the pre-occupied Cheyenne that we needed to run. I began jogging back toward the way we came, becoming increasingly paranoid. Cheyenne yelled after me once realizing my disappearance, and jogged her way up to me as I slowed to a speed walk and glance behind me every 3 seconds.

“Hey, why are you running?” She asked, actually looking up from her phone for once. I told her the situation and what I saw and she too started to mimic my moves: looking back every 3 seconds and speed walking. We were both honestly creeped out so much that we started to lightly joke about how she ironically jinxed us.

She even said that,” What if they were coming around this way? I think I saw them get back into their car and speed off. What if there’s two of them and one of them came around this way!?” I thought about it too, and it didn’t made our situation any better.

As we made it to the edge of the park, I looked up at the line of trees ahead of us, and saw a reflection of white light against the trees. I pointed this out to Chey as my adrenalin kicked harder, telling me to stop trying to keep my cool and to just run.

Chey tried to debunk me, by telling me it was lights from a house, but no house light could reach that far up in the trees, let alone come from behind us. So we began to run. I had to stop for a second to put my shoe on correctly, which almost gave Chey a heart attack, Becuase she thought I saw someone ahead of us.

We looked behind us again and began heading down a 20 feet path leading into someone’s driveway and up to the road that we used to get to the park. Just as we were about to step foot onto the dirt path, a dark van quickly turned down the small dead-end road that we needed to go down in order it get back to my house. It stopped for a second, before speeding toward us.

I noped out of there and started to run back toward the park, but when I realized that they were turning into the driveway of the creepy house right next to us, I turned around and continued to follow Chey, still in shock.

Not even 3 minutes after that car raced toward us, it came back out through the driveway, and someone from inside the car was yelling things either at us or at someone in the car, something that neither me nor Chey could make out. We kept a close eye out on our dark surroundings from there on out, stopping whenever a car was within 50 feet of us.

Suprisingly, we made it back to my house in half the time it would normally take us, and spammed the doorbell so my mom would let us in. She was quite angry that we were so aggressively ringing the doorbell, but it was either the doorbells face or it was our heads.

I’m just glad that stanger didn’t catch up to us.

Weird flashlight guy in the park, let’s not cross paths ever, again.

(With this is a picture of the park in the day time.)

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