Angel saved my life

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Not sure if this will appear on this site, however I thought to post this anyway.

this happened to my friend and I about 19 years ago. We were taking classes at a well known university about 3 hours from where we live. We had our share of creeps hitting on us, and prank phone calls however this event I will never forget.

My friend was taking the bus back to an old friend’s house I will call her Dee.

They were going to a concert, and my friend, I will call her M, was going to spend a long weekend, with Dee. Her bus was supposed to leave around 6:00 a.m. We took the cab there, and somehow she ended up missing her bus. the parking lot was completely deserted, and neither of us had change for the pay phone. Yes, this was back in the late 90’s.

As we were standing there, trying to figure out what to do, this homeless guy comes up to us, and starts talking to us.

He begins to ask us questions like what our names were, and if we had boyfriends. She and I were in our late teens at the time, and were scared out of our minds. He kept insisting on us following him towards the back of the bus station.

I will tell you right now, we were’t that stupid. We were both scared out of our minds. I thought he was going to kidnap us. he kept coming closer. Finally he backed off when we ran across the parking lot hoping to go to a gas station to use their phone.

Out of nowhere, this older man comes around from the building and says “I have been watching that guy, and I was making sure that he wouldn’t try anything.” None of this registered to me at the time.

There were no cars in the parking lot. I honestly have no idea where he came from. He asked us if we needed a ride back to our dorm, and because we didn’t have money for a cab, we said yes.

There was something warming about this person. He was an older guy in his early 50’s, with long gray hair, and well dressed.

He went somewhere to get his car. Like I have said before, I have no idea where his car was parked. Well we got into his car, and he drove us back to our dorm. We had him drop us off at the bookstore. My friend tried to pay him but he wouldn’t take the money. He told us that he loved helping people, and that he had a daughter who was in college. We thanked him and ran the rest of thew ay back to our dorm. once we got back we were shaking, and I started crying.

A year later, she and I started talking about it and we remembered that he told us his name was Michael. I’m not super religious or anything however I can’t stop thin kin g about him being an angel.

I still to this day, have no idea where he came from, and will never forget how he saved our lives.

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