An unforgettable demonic face

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It was June of 2001 when I was just hired as a campus security guard.

After my training and orientation I was put on patrol alone in my sector patrolling empty dormitories. All the residential student and non essential staff were gone until the start of the fall semester.

Soon I found myself alone on foot on night shift from 7:45 pm to 3:45 am.

The only thing that I had to know I wasn’t totally alone on campus was the hourly radio check from dispatch.

It was about half past midnight when I couldn’t shack this feeling of being watched. Every minute or so I would stop, listen and look around but there was nothing. Soon I felt paranoid, so I sat on a bench to rest my feet.

Still feeling like being watched, I looked all around the surrounding area.

Again nothing.

Then I looked at one of the dormitories, carefully looking at each window and door. As I looked around, my anxiety began to build, my heart began to race, the summer heat began to get to me when mine eyes saw a red evil demonic face staring down at me.

I felt as though my heart would stop. Mind you that I’m a large man 230 lbs and could bench press 300 lbs and this scared the shit out of me. When it saw me looking up at it, it smiled in a hideous way and left the window.

If you ever watch the movie insidious, and see the monster there.

That’s very close to what I truly saw ten years before that movie came out. Sometimes I still feel like something or someone is watching and waiting to come out of the night.


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