an odd experience

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my name is Kassie, I’m 15 years old, and this is my one encounter/experience with the paranormal. I live 8 miles out of my hometown, in the country. It’s almost completely silent and there aren’t too many people.

Everybody knows everybody and its a nice neighborhood. I don’t have a bedroom, so I usually sleep in the living room.

I am severely paranoid so sleeping in a living room does not help. I was listening to music when I heard something against the window. Already on edge, I turn around. Nothing. Thinking it’s something of my imagination, I turn back around and sigh. Then again. I heard the tapping on the window.

Quickly turning back, I saw the outline of an old woman at the window. I know exactly who this was.

We had this creepy neighbor that had died earlier that year due to falling and being outside in the rain all night. She hated me. The apparition was dark black with red eyes, glowing red eyes. Terrified, I hid in the blankets and watched the window. The silhouette walked from window to window, those chilling eyes not peeling away from me.

It was raining and thunder was booming. I watched this thing for what seemed to be hours, until after a clap of thunder it was gone. I couldn’t sleep that night. I still have chills and I’m still terrified of looking at windows. I’ll never forget those and not blinking.

I hope to never see whatever that thing was again.

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