Always Watching

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You know the sensation you feel when someone is watching you?  I have.  I always have felt that way.  My name is Julianna, me and my mom have had experiences with the paranormal, many times.

Let me start with my mother, this will end up explaining everything.  My mother lived with her parents and elderly grandmother or better known…  Mama.  (I was always told that she might’ve had affiliation with the Italian mafia.)  My mom lived with my family…mama had died when my mother was my age.  (I’m seventeen.)  It had been a long time until mama made contact with my mother, it happened when she was pregnant with me.  My mother’s body couldn’t handle carrying me…so she was in the hospital at the time when this happen.  First the smell of her favorite lotion when my mother had appeared in the smell that was once rubber and saline now turned into rose, than herself, mama showed herself to my mother.  She had showed herself to her one time before that.

Than me…  My mother had told me that I was about eighteen months old and that I was at my uncles house, he had a picture of  mama in his house on a side table, taking my mothers hand…I took her with me over to the nightstand and looked at her and than looked at the picture, pointing at it.  “That’s mama, she doesn’t visit me anymore.” When she told me what I had said…  It had froze me to my core.  How could I not remember that?  The feeling of always being watched had always happened since than.

Than both of us.  My mother lives with me and my two brothers in a small apartment…we are currently in a bind and my mother really doesn’t have a love life, people keep pushing her to start dating and apparently so does mama. The lights flickered and the T.V. had froze…mind you that the control box was perfectly fine…no one messed with it. That had been it, the last experience so far.

The feeling of being watched still lingers…it always lingers.

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