Almost Kidnapped

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These happened a couple days ago. It was saturday morning on summer break me and my beother usually go to my uncles shop to help him out and get some cash. This saturday i had woken up late i got ready and told my brother if he wanted to go on city bus or on the bikes we decided on the bike.

He noticed that his bike had a flat so he took his penny board and i went on my bike i was ahead of him he was behind by like 100 feet im guessing. So i stopped and waited for him told him to hurry up. I stop before crossing a street to get into houses and i saw a van and a red civic turn.

I didnt really pay attention to them and i turn around and told my brother to hury up i turn back and saw the van stop in front of me i still didnt pay attention to him and i saw him wave his hand like to go over there still i didnt pay attention and turn around told my brother to hurry. I saww him get out of the van and walk towards me.

He asks me where did i get the bike i responded and told him at walmart he aggressively says that they dont sells that kind of bike at walmart. I told yes they did they gifted me this bike for my b day . he responds aggressive that. That his sons bike and i had stole it. My brother fiannly catches up and says that i had gotten that bike a long time ago. The guy responds and days im gonna call the cops . i said go ahead.

He takes out his phone and gets back into his vans waits there a while and then just leaves. The the red civic comes back and the guys asks me if i need a ride i say no. He leaves then he turns around and around and around me and my brother take off and call my incle to pick us up he does. Still dont know if they both worked together or maybe the guy in the civic was teying to help

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