Almost Dying in the Forest

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Before I start, some back ground knowledge. I’m very allergic to tree nuts, all kinds. Some I’m more allergic to than others. I didn’t know this at the time this story takes place. That being said, here’s the story.

My friends and I got together and decide we should go hiking. I wasn’t too much of a fan of hiking but I said sure just because I thought it would be fun. We gather up all of our stuff and head out. The first couple of hours on the trial go just fine. That is, until we have to cross this giant river.

Me being not too strong, I fell in the river and my friends had to come in and get me. After that event, we decided that this trial was a little too difficult especially for some of us so we decide to find the closes route back to our cars.

After finding the correct route, we start down that trial and go down there for at least an hour or two. I’m kinda week from the event of earlier but I’m keeping up just fine. I’m a little hungry and I ask my friend to hand me a snack. She hands me some trial mix to snack on. I pour some into my hand and pop it into my mouth. Little that I knew, that was probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life. About five minutes later, I start to feel nauseated and I fall to my hands and knees.

All five of my friends run over to me to check to make sure I’m okay. I tell them I need to go to the bath room so they hand me some toilet paper. I get back onto my feet and I walk towards a tree but then fall back down, this time completely. My life flashes before my eyes as I  throw up twice I lay on my side twitching feeling like there was a war going on inside of me.

My friends pull off my shirt to see that I’m read all over from my neck to my stomach. One of my friends goes to call 9/11, however this takes a little bit due to us being in the forest.

At this point, time completely left me. Apparently, two whole hours had past before paramedics arrive. When time comes back to me, I heard one of my friends say “it’s only been two hours for y’all to show up!” and I thought to myself “had two hours really pass? It’s only felt like five minutes”.

The paramedics get me out of there and to the hospital. hey had to life flight me out of there because the nearest hospital was three hours away. Eventually my father and cousins show up to keep me company before scans are preformed on me. Nothing was damaged on the inside and nothing was broken.

Once I’m checked out of the hospital, I have an allergy test done of me and it turns out I’m allergic to tree nuts.

What’s weird is that two hours had left me. Now keep in mind during these two hours according to my friends I was responsive. They were asking me questions and I answered all of them, yet I wasn’t aware of it at all. Two hours of my life left me.

What’s also weird is that I sworn I saw my life flash before my eyes before I fell to the ground, so I thought I was going to die at that moment. But here I am today telling this tale. I wonder to this day if anything happened during those two hours that left me, anything important that is.

Probably just my friends freaking out over seeing me on the ground helpless. It’s still weird how that happened however.

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