Alien Robot Encounter

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Recently, me and my best friend Kevin, who saved me from that humanoid canine creature a while back went driving on some back roads for fun, looking for abandoned houses.

The dogman encounter was in the back of my mind at this point. We found an abandoned house in the woods in rural Tennessee. We went inside.

The place was absolutely trashed. Alcohol bottles everywhere, a bong someone probably forgot, torn up furniture, smashed T.V.

We went upstairs and found mostly empty rooms, save for a bedroom that had an intact bed and used condoms. Then we looked around in the basement, and to our surprise, there were no creepy surprises.

No tools of torture, no signs of some freak or pervert being here. I went to the small basement window and froze when I saw it.

This thing was about 7 feet tall. Its waist was slightly thinner than its hips and upper chest. It was covered in some kind of metal. The feet were like that of a lizard. It had thin, but strong arms. I counted 6 fingers on each of its hands.

The way it looked, it evoked in my mind, images of General Grievous from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Except the thing had purple armor plates instead of white.

From what I could see, it had a gun-type weapon holstered on it’s right thigh and in its hands was a strange looking metal pole.

Whatever it was, it definitely had to be some advanced alien technology. Kevin came to the basement window I was looking out of and gasped when he saw it.

The thing jerked its head looking our direction, but it didn’t see us. That’s when I saw electricity emitting from that strange pole in its hand.


It slowly walked towards the house we were in, it was definitely a machine, because I could hear clanking with each move it made. I went to the small window, opposite to the window I saw it from.

I quietly opened it, and threw a screwdriver I found in a direction away from the house. Surprisingly, the thing took the bait and went towards the sound. Me and Kevin took that time to quietly get out of the basement, lock all doors and windows, and go upstairs.

Luckily, Kevin discovered this abandoned house had an attic. Kevin actually managed to get it open, and we went up inside and closed the door.

Just a couple of minutes later, we hear fast pace clanking, towards the house and on the front porch. The thing tried the door knob, but as soon as it saw it was locked, it simply busted the door down with its robotic strength.

We hear it walking all through the house. It felt like hours, but it was really about 10 minutes then it just left. Kevin and I go to the attic window.

We see it walking into the woods away from the house. We wait about 20 minutes and hear strange humming. We look out the window again and see fast moving lights across the sky.

We believed it was the robot’s ship. We got out of the house and into my truck as fast as possible. I tore out of that place, not even looking at the speedometer.


We were lucky to escape. I don’t think I wanna know what that thing would of done if it found us. The scariest thing is that it was intelligent enough to use weapons and even fly a ship, presuming it was the pilot.

Robotic alien, lets never meet again.

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