Alien in my room

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Hello I’m a fan of yours when I wrote this I was thirteen though I still might be 13. My name is Devon and Aliens scare me the most. Enough about my self time to get into the story.

I lived In if, I remember right Jacksonville Florida in a suburban area and this confused me because I asked around if anyone saw the bright light from what I assume was a the alien craft.

So of course no one else saw it cause you know how these stories go. When this happened I was 11 years old and almost every night I would hardly get any sleep because of my pparinoua. I wwould beg my dad soo I could stay with him almost every night if a could sleep in his room, but the answer was always no. So when I went to bed (or I tried too). I lied in bed for about 3 hours, it was about 1 am.

The second I was about too drift to sleep a bright light came through my window revealing a black figure with thee steotypic big head and thin body. I saw no color but some how were its eyes were al I say was shiny black orbs. They seem to pier into my very soul.

I was frozen.

I coulden’t move a muscle till I thought of one thing to do. Role over, look away and stay still.It felt like eternity but I when I built up enough courage I rolled over and froze surprise at my will to do that.  Yet again the seconds felt like hours or even days. All the sudden I felt a prick on my left leg, then my back, then my by shoulder, and all over my body till it suddenly it stoped, the bright late faded, and then I passed out (probably of fear) and then I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

I was still petrified in fear of thee Alien still being there… yet again when I got thee courage I flip around as fast as I could and there was nothing just thee light of the rising sun through my blinds. Then my body relaxed and my freedom to move came back. When my Dad woke up I told him what happened and sadly he didn’t believe me…

Thank you so much for listening because i’ve been meaning to get this off my chest and let my story be heard.

P.S. after the event if I move my head to fast my left lobe begins hurting or aching.

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