After concert shoot out

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Last year around Halloween I drove from Phoenix to Tucson to go see my favorite DJ perform, DJ Blend. Before he came on the crowd was dead scattered around conversing and not paying attention to the opening DJ’s until Blend came on.

I managed to get myself up front row center, during the middle of his performance there was a tall guy next to me, just so you know I’m 6′ even and pretty muscular.

This kid was taller and way skinnier, he could pass for a twig.

During the performance he was holding up his phone trying to give it to the photographer, as he was doing that he kept trying to push his way to the center but I managed to hold my ground and started pushing him back. He got offended and started saying “Dont you ever push me.”

It was stupid because he started pushing me and trying to get infront of me, a few minutes later he was escorted out by security.

The show ended I got to meet DJ Bl3nd and left back to Phoenix. When I left a car followed me so I just blew it off as another person who left the same time as me, but they followed me outside of town..

okay he probably lives in Phoenix or outside of Tucson too.

Once we hit the open roads there wasnt a car on site and this guy was tailing me. Me being sceptical I called 911 and told them what happen at the show and what’s happening now, they sent Highway patrol my way. Just as I hung up I heard 3 loud pops.

This guy was Shooting at me! I slammed on my breaks, which caused him to run off the road, I floored it and ducked as low as I could get and called 911 again telling them I just called and what happened just now.

I never heard any updates or seen it in the news.

I’m lucky enough to walk away without a scratch and no bullet holes in me or my truck.

I now own a 9mm and a 12ga, currently I’m paying on a M14. You Arizona people are stupid but I won’t hesitate to shoot back.

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