A REAL Indian Burial Ground Scary Story – Burning Fields in my House

Beware the Sacred Indian Burial Grounds . . .

This world is a strange one.

Graveyards are just creepy. Period. But, I can do you one better – or creepier – Indian Burial Grounds. These hallowed grounds seem to be the home to dozens of scary ghosts, creepy spirits, and disturbing phantoms that haunt people every day, especially those poor folk who step foot on their land. Unluckily for Fane Star, they grew up on an Indian Burial Ground – a REAL Indian Burial Ground. And quickly they realize how real the ghosts on this scary graveyard are. Enjoy this true scary story, this true scary ghost story of a real indian burial ground.


A REAL Indian Burial Ground Scary Story

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. REAL Indian Burial Ground Scary Story by Fane Star

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