A REAL Haunted House Ouija Story – True Scary Stories

Can you Survive the Ghosts?

 Thanks to TheGateKeeper for submitting this creepy true story.
What’s it like to live in a haunted house? Better yet, what do you do when those spirits are malevolent and relentless? One person experiences such an atmosphere as they live with their grandmother. Every night, there are voices and footsteps that can’t have come from anyone.But things only get worse when they use a Ouija Board.Enjoy this creepy true paranormal story. And beware the Ouija Board.Can you survive the real ghosts?

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. REAL Haunted House Story by TheGateKeeper

Read Along! https://darknessprevails.org/i-seem-to-keep-moving-into-haunted-houses/

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