A Policeman’s Story of Gory Railroad Death

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While on our way home from a hunting trip I had quite a bit of time to talk with my buddy Benny, who is like a dad to me. This man has truly lived an amazing life and gone through the good and the bad and the worst. This story is about one of the worst. I asked him while we were driving home what was the worst thing he ever saw or the scariest thing he ever experienced, or something along those lines.

He was silent for a moment, thinking back through all the years and started telling me a story from when he was a police officer a long time ago. He started off by saying how illegals near the border of Texas and Mexico would sleep on the train tracks because they believed that the rails of the tracks would prevent snakes from biting them. Well one night he got a call at the police station that two Mexicans had been ran over due to sleeping on the tracks.

When he arrived there he said it was the most gruesome and disturbing thing he had ever saw. Their heads split in two, all limbs severed off and mangled, their guts spilled everywhere and chunks of flesh stuck within the the railroad tracks themselves. Those poor men decapitated and killed in their sleep. When a female officer of his showed up Benny told her not to look under the blanket they had put over the two dead men, but she said that she had seen a lot in here time and it wouldn’t bother her. As soon as she lifted up those sheets she quickly stumbled off and threw up from the bloody sight. Benny himself didn’t sleep at all that night and it took him a couple days to get back to his normal self.

Despite this incident is wasn’t the first time he had seen something so terrible. But that’s life. And in Benny’s life he has seen a lot. And perhaps in another story I will share again one of the many true life stories of my good friend, and father figure, Benny.

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