A Nice Walk

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This Is The Creepiest thing That Has Ever Happened to Me

It Happened Just a week Ago and I Thought I Would Share it Now.

I Also Don’t Think my Friend would be the Same Again.

I Don’t Know what She Saw but, She..I Won’t Spoil Anything.

Just So you Know I’m about 15 or 16 and I was with two 17 year olds and another 15 year old.

Lets Call the 17 year olds Rachel and Max.

And Then the other 15 year old Jake.

And me.

Rachel is Jakes Sister and I was at his House Because I Was Scared to be Alone at My House, the Reason Is for another story but.

Rachel was also There with her Boyfriend and They Wanted To Go to the Park for a While.

Jakes Parents Were Out somewhere Doing Who Knows what and Me and Jake Didn’t want to Be By ourselves if Someone Broke in the house and Tried to Kill us.

Were Big Cowards as My brother would say.

Rachel Offered for us to Come with to the Park and Of Coarse we Accepted but I Don’t Think Max was Happy about that.

But We all Packed up and Left the house.

It was Fairly Warm since it’s California in the summertime. It was About 8 or 9 at night and Usually People were Everywhere outside but, it Was Silent outside and no people were Around.

It Was Actuality Pretty Creepy.

One of the Lights On the Sidewalk Were Broken and it was Black in that Spot.

This is…Strange” I Heard Rachel Say to Max who Nodded.

Maybe we Should-Go Back inside” Jake Offered standing In front of Me.

I Nodded in Agreement.

This isn’t Normal, Something Seems Very Wrong.

Max Scoffed And Called Us Pussies and Kept Walking.

As Much as I Wanted to Punch him I Knew he was Joking.

He Was Actually Really nice For a Guy who Looks like he could Kill Someone.

Which he can.

I Stood Behind Rachel and Jake Behind me and we Followed Max.

“Doesn’t Something Seem off?” I Asked Jake. He Nodded Glancing Behind us.

“Everyones Gone, It’s Usually Packed, What Happened?” He Asked Looking at Me.

I Shrugged and Noticed That Rachel and Max Were Gone.

Jake did Too.

“Shit! Max! Rachel!” Jake Started Yelling.

I Quieted him “Let’s Just Go Back to Your house, I’m Sure They’ll be Fine Okay” Jake nodded and Looked around.

“I Don’t Have the Keys, Rachel Dose.” Jake Said. I Sighed “God Dammit” I Mumbled and Said.

“Any Windows?”Jake Looked at me “windows?”
I Sighed “Did you Leave any windows open?” Jake Shook his Head.

“If we Left the Windows open When Were not there, We’d Only have one Dog” He Told me.

I Laughed at Bit and Said.

“Let’s Just Look for them” I said Walking away from him.

“I-i Don’t Know. This Feels Wrong” He Said Looking around.

I Turned back to him “I Know but, I Feel like if We Sit and Wait Then..” I Trailed off

“Something Bad would Happen” He said I Nodded.

“Fine Let’s Go” He Said.

We Walked about Halfway down the Street to the Broken Light and Stopped there.

I Tried to Keep Walking but Was Pulled back.

“What?” I Asked Jake Looked Forward.

He Didn’t Look scared but He Was Acting like it.

He Pointed at Past the Light.

I Noticed that The Lights Past the Broken one Was Also Off.

All of Them.

I Took a Step Back.

“What?” I Said Confused. I Felt Jake Grab my Arm.

“Let’s Just see if a Neighbor is Home” Jake Said pulling me To a House not Far from The Broken Lights.

This Was the house on Of Our Teachers Lives in, Mr, Parchment.

Jake knocked on the Front door and Rang the Doorbell about A Hundred Times.

No one Ever Answered. Which is Strange since his Car Was in the dive Way and The Lights in his Kitchen and living Room had turned on.

“Mr, Parchment!” I Yelled out. No answer.

Maybe, He’s Out for A Walk?” Jake Said I Scoffed “Who Turned on the Lights?” I Asked.

Jake Rolled his Eyes.

I Started to Feel Very uneasy.

I Nudged Jake When I Noticed that Another Light had Started Deming till It Popped and it Was Dark.

Jakes Eyes Widened and He Jumped Down The Stairs Me Following.

We Rushed back To His House.

I Guessed he Forgot it was Locked in his Panic and Ran Right into the Door.

I Stiffed a Laugh and Tried The Door Again Before I Looked back Again, Another Light Popped.

“Open! Open! Open!” Jake Said Banging And Kicking The Lock On The Door.

I Could hear The dogs Barking Like Crazy.

Before Jake could Break The Door.

Rachel and Max Rushed Behind him and Unlocked it.

Perfect Timing guys

We All Rushed inside.

Rachel Looked Terrified and So Did Max.

They Wouldn’t Tell us Anything.

We All Sat In The Living Room For a Few Hours Watching TV.

It Was Weird.

When We Looked out the window The Street was Brightly Lit and Filled With People.

“What The Fuck Just Happened?” I Asked Looking At Jake.

He Shrugged “I Hope it Dones’t Happen again” He Walked into The Kitchen With his Sister.

I Don’t Know What Happened and I Also Hope it Never Happens Again.

Also Rachel Said She Would Send Her Side of The Story Later

So We’ll Know What Happened.

Also Has This Happened To Anyone Else?

Please Let me Know

I Have A Picture of Jakes Street and It’s Not a Place Near Many Stores Where he Lives.

It’s All Houses On Both Sides with a Park 3 or 4 Blocks Away.

It’s Not a Dangerous town Either Never had a Break in or a Murder.

I Feel Like Me and Jake Should have Stayed inside that Night.

And Why did Rachel And Max want To Go out in the first place? (I Have a Few Ideas But!)

Anyway I’m gonna End this here and Later i’ll Send Rachel’s Pov Of What Happened.

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I’m two days late but did you already post her side of the story?