A Monster in his Closet

Little Timmy loves to draw and color. He loves to play pretend with his friends on the playground. On the school bus, he talks and laughs with the children he has just met.

He is such a good boy.

But Timmy thinks there is a monster in his closet.

The closet door would open and, beyond the coats and tidy Sunday clothes, Timmy would think he saw a face. The face of a monster ready to swallow him whole.

When he was scared, he would always ask his parents to check the closet – And they would. They would even go as far as to check under his bed just in case.

Tonight Timmy is especially scared. He is screaming for his mommy, his daddy, for rescue from the monster in his closet.

But there is no monster.

I’m just a lonely school bus driver.

And Timmy’s parents are laying on the floor next to me.


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