A Midnight Break In

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My name is Sonny, but my nickname is Seth. I am in my 20s now, but this story takes place when I was 17 years of age. So a little background on my location: My house was in a neighborhood in Ohio. The neighborhood has one long road with houses on either side and with trees behind the house.

My best friend Tom came over for a sleepover. We made plans to have the best sleepover ever on this very night. He brought his dirt bike over because we planned on riding our dirt bikes in the morning. We played video games, computer games, ate pizza, the usual. At about [10:45] PM, we started to hit the hay when we both heard bumps in the walls.

I just thought it was some kind of rat because my house had a history of rats. It kept getting louder and louder. Trying to be funny, I yelled at the “rat” to shut up. It actually shut up. I was surprised. We went to sleep afterwards. I woke up when I noticed a big hand on my mouth.

It was leathery and gross smelling. A voice suddenly said to me “Don’t move, don’t yell, don’t do anything.” I looked over to the source of the voice, and there was a 35 looking year old man. I was desperate to get out, so I licked the hand over my mouth. “Ah. Disgusting!” the man said. I pushed the man down and woke up Tom as quick as I could. He automatically noticed the man and we bolted it out the door. I heard a gunshot behind us ricochet off the wall.

We didn’t have cars, so we got on our dirt bikes and drove down the road. I looked behind us, and the man was after us. He was on a motorcycle. When we got about a few minutes from my house, the man pulled up next to me. He tried shooting me and one of my tires. I pulled out my pocket knife I always carry and jabbed it into the man. He swerved down. I wasn’t paying attention, and I swerved off the street too. I was now laying on the road. I could barely see, but I did make out the man bashing my dirt bike with some long pole of some sort. I finally got up, but the man was gone. I don’t know where Tom went, but I called the cops, but unfortunately they couldn’t find him. Right then, my dirt bike was completely useless.

It was practically snapped in half.


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