A demon hates me

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I’ve posted a story on here before where I stated i had multiple paranormal or creature encounters, so adding to this I was not the only one that witnessed this event. About five or six years ago I was dating this women I will call her Anne, I was twenty one or twenty two and she was twenty four or twenty five, we had been dating for a few months but had known each other for a few years and we decided to move in together and found a nice apartment. I worked part time and on nights I had to work Anne would go with friends ghost hunting.

One night before work I went shopping and a local store where I was friends with the manager when I received a call from Anne, she begged me to come home because she heard someone trying to force their way into our back door. our back door was in the center of the apartment and locked from our side and there was a set of stairs that lead down to another outside door that was locked from the inside so i did not believe her until i heard the inner door slamming like someone was hitting the inner door. I left the store and ran home, when I got there Anne and our friend i will call Sara were standing in the corner of our kitchen. I unlocked the door and slowly opened the door but I did not see anything, i walked down the stairs and unlocked and opened the back door and did not see anything not even foot prints in the snow, I turned to go back up stairs and when i did I saw bare human foot prints on the steps all the way to the last step at the top of the stairs. I did not know what to think about it honestly.

Skip ahead a few weeks and their were no incidents and we forgot about it. One night after Anne had gone ghost hunting we were sleeping in our bed, it was just us because her daughters father had her daughter for overnight visits this week, at around one in the morning Anne woke up screaming.

I jumped up and asked her what was wrong and she told me she had a nightmare and that she had seen a dark figure with red smokey eyes that told her it was following her because it was mad at John (me). it informed her that it would prove it was real and she would understand when it happens. the next night at about midnight our stereo turned on by itself, i thought she was pulling a prank so i unplugged the stereo and hid the remote. about fifteen minutes later it came on again, I asked her to stop messing around and she said it was not her. I noticed she was still next to me in bed so i got up and checked the stereo and it was still unplugged, so I checked the batteries and their were no batteries in the stereo. I tried to figured out how it turned on but could not. Needless to say we did not sleep that night.

The next morning Anne seemed a little off which I thought was just lack of sleep, I was out trying to find a second job when I received a text stating that she could not be with me anymore because the demon said that it would never stop until then. I still do not know if it was a real demon or just some elaborate way to break up with me but Anne and I have not spoken since and still is single as far as i know.

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