A creepy night.

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I’ve submitted this story before, but I forgot to add some details. Before we get started with the story, the bedroom is in the very back of the house and the back door is in the same room.

I was babysitting my sisters kids for 20$. We’ll name the kids Jack and Joseph.

Jack was begging me for ice cream, so I gave them some ice cream. I started feeling a weird feeling in my stomach, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I went home to get my things I needed, Clothes for the night, My makeup bag, And some other things.

At about 9:30, I put them in the bath, made dinner, (my brother was helping me) and put them to bed. I washed my face, and watched a bit of Television.

In the backyard, I heard something creek and then shuffling. I immediately messaged my brother, and he didn’t see anything. He locked all the doors, and I continued to watch tv.

I kept hearing tapping, Which was really odd because everyone was asleep. I turned on the light, because I started to get a little bit scared. As soon as I laid back down, I saw something that looked like my nephew run past. My nephew and my sister were in New Mexico for the weekend, So I definitely knew it couldn’t be my nephew.

I was scared at this point, so I decided to message my mother. She said it was probably just my imagination. I agreed.

A few minutes past and I got really hungry. I forgot about what happened, so I got up and went to get chips and dip. I got the chips, as soon as I put the chips down, I felt something step behind me and watch me. I was so scared, I couldn’t move for a few seconds. A knife was beside me, so I picked it up just in case it was someone trying to rob me. There was no body. I was crying. I threw the knife, grabbed my phone, and woke my brother. My mom decided to send my other brother over because she was scared now.

My brother came, and he asked if we left the gates open. I knew we didn’t because we made sure we didn’t. I started crying more. I finally calmed down, and I ate some food. After I felt calm, my brother decided to look out the window and he saw something that looked exactly like me run in the backyard. I decided to sleep in the living room, Because I could not sleep in that room. I was too scared. I told my mother what happened, and she was terrified as well.

Around 45 minutes past, and I heard LOUD stomping. I knew it wasn’t my brothers because they went to sleep. It couldn’t be the kids, because it was really heavy and they were really skinny.

Writing this now, I feel like I’m being watched and I’m still scared. I don’t know what the hell happened that night, if it was a attempted robbery or a demon, but I do know I pray to God every single day and night. I haven’t had anything weird happen to me since.

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