A camping scare

When this event happened I was about 10, I’m currently 15 years old and female. Another this is I didn’t have a strong bladder at the time…I was going camping with my uncle somewhere in Washington that was close to Canada.

My uncle had his friends with him as well, they had three kids two were girls whom I played with during the camping trip and a boy whom my brother played with. I was still the oldest of the children, that didn’t bother me. Fast forward to night time and everyone going to sleep.

I went into the tent that I shared with my Uncle and brother, we all fell asleep.

About midnight I woke up with a really bad urge to pee, I whispered to my uncle that I was going to the bathroom and he just rolled over. I opened the tent door having to go really really bad, after stepping out carefully I heard a twig snap behind me.

I looked and to my horror was three weird hairless things, I wasn’t sure what they were. Their eyes were like those that you would see in night vision goggles, they were really skinny and on all fours.

they had human hands and feet but they had claws that were sharp, a few strands of random hair atop their head. I ran back into the tent and uhh well I think you can understand why that sleeping bag wasn’t clean after that.

I don’t believe I ever told my Uncle about it because in the morning I just thought that I was just really paranoid and hallucinate..but the thing is I’m a really good kid and never took any drugs or drinks or anything that could possibly make me hallucinate.

I’m not sure what I saw but I’ve never seen anything like it again, and to this day believe it was just my wild and vivid imagination…


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