There are skinwalkers in the forest!
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There has existed real ghost stories, urban legends and native american folklore of a strange creature that uses the skins and sounds of other animals to lure in its prey. It is known as a Skinwalker. Very similar to the Wendigo from until dawn, the skinwalker is out to harm people for some unknown purpose. They’ve been sighted in Australia, the United States and more as mythical creatures not to be trifled with. If you can brave the haunted forest and the desert, get ready for these true stories of real monster encounters. Enjoy!

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Top 7 true creepy stories are real horror stories, a graveyard story, and Real Monster Sightings are short stories from subscribers!
– Encounter with a real skinwalker by steven e.
– My experience with skinwalkers by anonymous
– Skinwalker Sighting by Tyler M.
– Real Skinwalker Sighting by Anonymous
– The Twin Skinwalker Creatures by John
– Australian Skinwalker or Banshee by Karlee
– Something from the Desert Followed me – Haunted Desert by Siouxie

Top 7 Horror Stories of supernatural creatures, mythical creatures, and true urban legends are true stories from subscribers.
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