60 TRUE Stories of Real Monsters | Bigfoot, Werewolves, Aliens and More

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Aliens, bigfoot and werewolves oh my! These stories are a Real Monster.

This world is a strange one.

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time for a scary story marathon. Are you ready for weird animals, cryptids and real monster sightings? Tonight, I have 60 allegedly true stories of attacks and encounters with aliens, bigfoot, sasquatch, sea creatures, werewolves, skinwalkers, chupacabra, wendigo, and many more. Sit back, try to relax as we play hours of scary monster goodness. Plus, these make for perfect halloween stories. After these horror stories, these scary stories and true stories, you won’t go finding bigfoot. You won’t even want to leave the house. Enjoy these 60 True Stories of Real Monsters!
60 True Stories of Real Monsters | True Scary Stories and Short Stories
All music by Kevin MacLeod. 60 True Stories of Real Monsters and Weird Animals submitted by Fans and from Reddit. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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1. Thing in the Forest from Cole
2. Skinwalkers from airsickness
3. Mountain Man in the Appalachians from Awesome 1021X
4. Horrific Bigfoot Encounter from Scared as hell
5. Real Chupacabra Sighting from pattypat
6. Behind the Tree a true experience from Darkness Prevails himself
7. It Wasn’t My Father from Vanessa
8. Large Mysterious Creature from Snowcatxx87
9. Grandma and the Dogman from Wyatt H.
10. Motorcycling Encounter from Gregg
11. Wendigo at the Window from BlueGreen
12. Tiny Strange Creature from D. Sama
13. Creature in the Bogs from spiderbinkie85
14. Wendigo on the Mountain from VStar
15. Skinwalker in the Woods from Christian Drury
16. Knock in the Woods from Kiru L.
17. Real Wendigo Encounter from John J.
18. Fiery Creature in the Cocoa Grove from Breno P.
19. Strange Creatures on the Road from Bo Peters
20. Dukh Zla from Anonymous
21. In the Trees from Adrian B.
22. Goatman on the Road from 123cryptkey
23. Fresh Water Monster from washcloff
24. Wendigo at the Cabin from Fuchsia
25. Nearly Bitten from Essencechild
26. Lake Creature from worldmysteries
27. Midnight Creature from Allven
28. Strange Stalking Creature from John
29. Pale Lake Monster from sinister
30. Goatman Attack from JustPlainScrewed
31. Encounter with the Dogman from Threzie
32. Lake Ouachita Monster from grenadine
33. Wendigo in the Woods from Wreckwrack
34. Real Wendigo Sighting in the Woods from Skyler B.
35. Creepy Creature Sightings from Erica Adams
36. Werewolf Sighting from scared2deff
37. Goatman Encounter from from CollegeFallage
38. Deserted Gas Station from JaxxBro
39. Attacked Our Boat from omnimulti
40. Creepy Creature at the College from Cathy H.
41. Werewolf Attack from WTFudge
42. Devil of Bear Swamp from Raven Boy
43. Creature at the Lake from Doss P.
44. The Goatman is Real from n.v.us
45. Never Again from Treble Hook
46. Sound of the Devil from jiffypop87
47. Beast from the Broom Sage from SageoftheFire
48. The Big Gray Man from Nimrod80
49. The White Flowers from Lexi
50. Was it the Goatman from Regulardecaf
51. Werewolf in the Fields from whosfraba
52. Camping in the Pine Barrens from GW
53. Night Guard from Shaelyn_aw
54. Bel-Air Creature from James S.
55. Creature on a Camping Trip from Doss P.
56. Shrieking Wendigo from Trent
57. Jersey Devil Sighting from Bob
58. Watched by Monsters from Kaedabae
59. Stalker Sasquatch from baller15
60. Werewolf at the Door from Cracycacy

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