60 REAL Ghost Stories – Paranormal Activity Marathon

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Are you ready for 5 HOURS of Real Ghost Stories, Paranormal Activity, and haunted places? Let’s see if you can survive this one…

There will be true scary stories from McDonalds, Walmart, Haunted Houses, Haunted Forests, the Night Shift, and more! Just try to endure these 60 true stories of real horror and bring on the New Year of 2017 with a frightening bang! Let’s head into the woods, into the forest where the evil spirits and dangerous animals wait to make us their prey. After this one, you’ll be glad you’re no ghost hunter or paranormal witness yourself. The Supernatural is just far too terrifying. Enjoy!

Background Footage courtesy of Beachfront from http://www.beachfrontbroll.com/ and videvo.net!

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at www.epidemicsound.com and Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com

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60 REAL GHOST STORIES! Use these times to skip!

1 A Wandering Spirit 00:50
2 Holiday Inn Horror 04:30
3 Ghost Robber in my Room 09:20
4 An Evil Cloud 12:26
5 Shadows that Stare 14:06
6 The Family Curse 17:13
7 Motorcycling Encounter 20:17
8 I’ve Been Followed by an Invisible Hand 23:14
9 Shared Nightmares 27:55
10 Ghost and the Shoestrings 33:40
11 The Floating Man 37:09
12 The White Lady 38:51
13 Ghost in my Bedroom 40:44
14 The Berrett Ranch House 43:06
15 The Little House in the Woods 54:23
16 I Seem to Keep Moving into Haunted Houses 57:21
17 I Make Ouija Boards 01:02:45
18 My First Time Using a Ouija Board 01:09:01
19 Ouija Board Haunting 01:15:32
20 Demonic Life 01:19:57
21 Never Use a Ouija Board 01:24:10
22 A Night on Patrol 01:27:22
23 The Trainee 01:31:30
24 The Tenth Floor 01:34:57
25 Late Night Visitors 01:37:29
26 My Horrible Night Shift Experience 01:40:56
27 Working After Hours 01:47:08
28 Assisted Living 01:54:29
29 Attacked by a Shadow 02:01:39
30 Harris Street 02:06:10
31 Cedar Crossing 02:10:30
32 Dead Ex 02:15:54
33 The Childhood Hauntings 02:19:14
34 Strange Happenings at an Old Newport House 02:22:06
35 Look Out 02:29:02
36 The Coin 02:32:15
37 The Ghost from the Ashes 02:36:59
38 The Tattered Specter 02:41:56
39 Ghost in the School 02:47:10
40 Blink 02:49:15
41 Ghosts on my Street 02:57:29
42 White Face 02:59:19
43 Target Ghost Story 03:01:35
44 Salvation 03:11:17
45 Drive Thru Ghost 03:17:49
46 Waiting at Target 03:26:30
47 The Phantom Pokestop 03:31:33
48 Walmart Shadow 03:35:19
49 Haunted Apartment 03:43:27
50 World War 2 Makeshift Hospital 03:55:41
51 The Lantern, The Boatmen, and the Laughing Children 04:04:00
52 Pine View Woods Ghost 04:29:10
53 Ghost in the Hallway 04:35:23
54 My Mom Blamed it on my Reading Goosebumps 04:37:28
55 Poltergeist Encounter 04:42:27
56 Birthday Party Poltergeist 04:44:34
57 Never Sleep at a Deserted Gas Station 04:47:04
58 Poltergeist in Albion 04:52:28
59 The Plague House 04:56:32
60 Ghost of a Special Person 04:59:19

Top 60 True Ghost Stories and Paranormal Activity are scary subscriber stories or are from Reddit No Sleep or Lets Not Meet.
Read these true scary stories and many other real ghost stories here! http://www.darknessprevails.org/true-scary-stories

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Submit your own Creepypasta Stories and True Scary Stories! We want to hear about your evil spirits, shadow people, creepy encounters at mcdonalds or walmart, and true scary stories!

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Great collection of tales to listing to during my vacation!


This saved me on my long road trip, helped me not be bored out of my mind!


I like long story’s like this


same here, it fun to listen to these when your home alone.


This was pretty to listen to, another great video made by Darkness Prevails.


I meant this was pretty creepy to listen to.