6 TRUE Sleepover Horror Stories

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These aren’t just any normal sleepovers. These are creepy sleepovers filled with real ghosts, real demons, evil spirits and dangerous animals. Can you survive the night?

You guys asked for it, so here’s a part two to the True Sleepover Scary Stories collection. This time around we will have an alien encounter, encounters with scary stalkers and scary strangers, and dangerous animal encounters. Grab your sleeping bag and get ready for a camp out, a slumber party, a sleepover with your friends. Don’t let the scary demons and spirits inside. Enjoy these 6 TRUE Sleepover Horror Stories and Real Ghost Stories!

Background Footage courtesy of Mitch P. from http://www.mpaynecreative.tv/ and videvo.net!

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at www.epidemicsound.com and Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com

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Top 6 Australian Horror Stories and Strange Creature Encounters
– Something was With Us – Dangerous Animal or Alien Encounter by somedrummerboy
– Sleepover Ghost Story by Shelby B.
– Near Break In or Scary Strangers Outside by Nityius
– Unreal Logic – Shadow Person or Demon Attack by Elijah
– Go Away! Sex Offender in the Bushes by Unknown
– He Won’t Go – Crazy Stalker or Creepy Story by Finlay D.

Top 6 Ghost Stories at Sleepovers are real ghost stories from subscribers.
Read these true scary stories and many other real ghost stories here! http://www.darknessprevails.org/true-scary-stories

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