6 TRUE Scary Bedtime Encounters

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Are you sleepy? You won’t be after these true scary bedtime stories. These real ghost stories feature shadow peoples, real monsters, and a haunting.

Don’t ya love bedtime? After a long day, sometimes you just want to lie down, relax, and wait for the shadow people, real demons, and scary ghosts to show up at your bedside. That’s right – Tonight’s real ghost stories and true scary stories will fill your nightmares with evil spirits, shadow people and maybe even hat man. So buckle up and get ready for something worse than a home invasion or break in – These are like haunted houses, but it your dreams that will contain a haunting. Enjoy!

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Top 6 Creepy Encounters at Bedtime
– Real Monster Shadow Creature Bedtime Story by Chelsea S.
– Evil Spirit in my Room by Hero2099
– Sleep Paralysis or Real Ghost by MalleusMD
– In the Shadows – Demon Attack by An Unexplained World
– Shadow Man or Real Demon with a Top Hat by Nick
– Hooded Figure or Strange Creature by my Bed by TheGirlyIdealist

Top 6 Scariest Bedtime Stories are horror stories from subscribers.
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