6 TRUE Creepy Walmart Stories

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These are horror stories straight from the Walmart shelves!
Can you survive the strangers and psychos of these Walmart stories?
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Walmart can be a scary place full of scary people. If you really look at how big the place is, it’s understandable that walmart is often home to some of the creepiest folks out there. But most of us use Wal-Mart as our go to place for groceries and electronics, which only makes the chances of the true scary stories happening even better. Tonight, Shivers and Darkness Prevails bring you 5 TRUE Walmart Scary Stories – That’s right. Ghost Stories, walmart stalkers, scary stories from walmart. Are you ready for wally world? I don’t think so. These are the creepiest stories for walmart online. These scary stories are PERFECT for the upcoming Halloween! Enjoy!

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Top 6 true creepy walmart stories are real horror stories, creepy walmart people, and lets not meet reddit creepy stories from subscribers!
– Walmart Parking Lot Horror Story by Jason D.
– Walmart Store Creep Tries to Kill Me by Johann F.
– Walmart Creeper – Walmart Near Me by Cody R.
– The Walmart Freak by MommaBear
– Potential Kidnapper by Jade
– Walmart Employee Frightening Experience – Spiked Drink by Shannon

Top 6 Horror Stories of creepy walmart customers, walmart pranks, and scary people of walmart are creepy stories from subscribers.
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