6 TRUE Costco Horror Stories

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Look out Walmart – Here comes Costco, taking your spot as the scariest place ever!
Costco Wholesale is a superstore, and it brings the strangers and scary stalkers out of the woodwork.
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We all have to have our groceries. At one point or another, fast food just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we have superstores like Walmart, Target and Costco. Costco is 2nd only to walmart, but just as any large grocery store chain brings everyone out of the woodwork, there are always creepy people there to prey upon others. There are pedophiles, creepers, scary stalkers and sometimes even serial killers. You can never trust the strangers around you. So enjoy these 6 allegedly true stories of Costco Horror!

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Top 6 True Stories of Scary Stalkers, Serial Killers, and nearkidnappings are true horror stories scary encounters from Subscribers!
– Costco Creeper by Thomas
– Crazy Man at Costco by Kate H.
– Creeper at Costco by Veronica F.
– Costco Horror Story by Samantha
– Costco Creeper by Garrison L.
– Costco Scary Story by Megan J.

Top 6 Horror Stories of a scary strangers, scary psychos, and murderers are true scary stories from subscribers.
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