6 TRUE College Horror Stories

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Scary Stories and College go together better than Spring Break and Bad Choices.
Check out these Real Horror Stories of Scary Strangers and Paranormal Acitivity!
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Applying for College and heading off to the university is a stressful event. Leaving your high school for the world of adulthood and really difficult finals – That’s a true horror story in and of itself. But you can’t count out the strangers, scary stalkers, and real ghosts. So come on in and beg the college board to let you live off campus – Or you might find yourself second guessing that college application. Those apps are annoying anyway. Enjoy these 6 TRUE College Horror Stories!

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Top 6 True Stories of Scary Stalkers, Serial Killers, and Paranormal Activity are true horror stories and haunted school experiences from Subscribers!
– Creepy Encounter Near my University by Diana
– Creeper in the Forest trail by Michael
– College Ghost Sightings by ghostridyr132
– Ghosts in the Vocational College by Rahviel Salem
– Dorm Resident Ghost by Alina
– Tree Line Horror Show – Mythical Creatures into the Woods by Hroki

Top 6 Horror Stories of a haunted college, scary psychos, and murderers are true scary stories from subscribers.
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