6 REAL Water Monster Encounters

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You won’t want to go swimming, fishing, sailing or boating after these real life Lake Monster and River Monster Encounters. Pack up your camping and swimming gear, let’s get away from those sea creatures and other dangerous animals before the animal attacks.

We are comfortable on land keeping to ourselves, but even on land we have so much to fear. This world is mostly a blue world, a water world. There may be animal attacks and real monsters into the woods and the forest, the oceans are deep seas and there are numerous sea creatures and sea monsters every where. Not to mention the fraction of that water that is fresh water that is full of wild animals and dangerous animals that would be glad to eat you. For example, the loch ness monster! So, get ready for some river monsters, because the sea monsters are coming up. These are 6 REAL Water Monster Encounters. Enjoy!

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Top 6 Water Monsters and River Monsters while Swimming or Camping
– Ohio River Monster by Jago
– Swamp Killer Croc by Rygami375
– Strange Creature from the Pond in the forest by Dark1919
– Lake Monster Sighting while Camping by Brandon
– Lake Pleasant Weird Animal by Lauren
– Strange Creature from the Deep by Jack B.

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