Are you ready for some Real Monsters that lurk in the forests? Here are 6 more reasons why going into the woods for camping, hiking, or whatever else might be a bad idea.

Skinwalkers are back – The Mythological Creatures of Native American Folklore that lurk in the forests and into the woods waiting for their next victims. These strange creatures and dangerous animals are very similar to the wendigo from Until Dawn, the werewolf, and the rake, but they are far too real. These otherworldly wild animals are wildlife of the supernatural and paranormal kind. They are real demons! So get out of that Haunted House and step into the Haunted Forest with us as we discover 6 REAL Skinwalker Sightings. Enjoy!

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Top 6 Real Sightings of Scary Skinwalkers from Native American Folklore!
– The Black Figures on the Haunted Reservation by Britt
– Skinwalker at my Door by The Miraculous Foxxx
– My Skinwalker Encounter by Anonymous
– Run – Real Skinwalker Attack by Alex
– Baker Lake Skinwalker Monster by A.
– It Stayed with me for a Week – Real Slenderman, The Rake or Skinwalker / Wendigo Sighting by pyrocaster

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