6 Real SHADOW PEOPLE Encounters

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No Halloween Costume will keep these Supernatural Nightmares at bay.

No these aren’t haunted houses, demon possessions, or real poltergeist, but they will have you wishing it was. The haunting in these cases are Shadow People, or more notably Shadow Man. These shadows creatures wait for you to sleep because they know a night attack makes you most vulnerable. Then, you’re in the midst of sleep paralysis, unable to move, while these real ghost entities have their way with you, whether that’s strangling you or tormenting you. It’s like killer shadow puppets – Nightmare silhouettes make your home haunted and fill your life with paranormal activity. So here are 5 Real Encounters with Shadow People. Enjoy!

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6 Real SHADOW PEOPLE Encounters
– Shadow People on the Tracks by JenniYena
– The Shadow Man by sorceressofthenile8990
– Dark Figure in the Night Attack by Michelle M.
– Shadow on the Wall by Kitty Mallow
– Shadow People Attack by Kellin

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. 6 Real SHADOW PEOPLE Scary Stories

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