6 REAL Monster Encounters at Night

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These Real Monster Sightings range from Skinwalkers and Werewolves to Real Slender Man Sightings.

All the scariest stuff happens at night. Real monsters, strange creatures, and wild animals that live in the forests and are usually lurking into the woods come out to stalk prey. Nighttime can be creepy, and the monsters under the bed and in the closets don’t help. There are dangerous animals and rare animals out there, strange creatures that would tear you apart in seconds. These aren’t just Urban Legends – They are true stories. True scary stories and scary ghost stories, that is. Get ready, there will be skinwalkers werewolves and what might be a real slender man sighting! Enjoy!

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Top 6 REAL Monster Sightings at Night
– Shadow Dog Attack by TwiztidHarleen
– Branches or The Rake by alrick147
– Limping Man or Slender Man Sighting by TheScaryPsych
– Monster Under the Bed by Ashley B.
– White Skinwalker Sighting by Luke
– Real Werewolf in Nevada by HenaraDrathmir

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