6 REAL Mexican Ghost Stories

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Mexico has the day of the dead – It’s also the LAND of the dead!
Cinco de Mayo isn’t the only time for real ghost stories, haunted houses and haunted forests!
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Mexico is famous for its mexican food and cinco de mayo, or day of the dead. It’s capital is mexico city, of course, but what many of us don’t know are the mythical creatures, like the chupacabra, and the evil spirits, real ghosts, and demons that haunt this cultured land. There really are some dangerous animals out there, and mexico isn’t short of its own ghost pictures and ghost videos, as well as creepy stories abound. So step into the woods or the forest across the mexican border and lets explore the supernatural and paranormal activity that is alive in Mexico! Enjoy these 6 allegedly Real Mexican Ghost Stories

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Top 6 true creepy stories are real horror stories, creepy forests, and Real Monster Sightings and paranormal activity are ghost stories from subscribers!
– Demon Cries in the Woods – Haunted Forest or Haunted Woods by 1O1crafts
– Terrible Creature at my Window – Animal attack by Chupacabra by Hotaru T
– Tolly by Kale – Ghost Girl or Creepy Imaginary Friend by Kale
– The Ghost Boy on the Mexican Playground by MexicanGirl10
– Demon Guardian – Demon Haunting or Demon Possession at the Haunte House by Angel Vega
– What I Saw on a Thursday Night – Duende or Strange Creature by Dimitri

Top 6 Horror Stories of supernatural demons, mythical creatures, and real urban legends are true stories from subscribers.
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