50 CREEPY Things That Happened in the Woods with Forest Sound Effects

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50 CREEPY Things That Happened in the Woods

A Creepy Compilation of 50 allgedly true scary stories that happened in the forest! Enjoy it with Forest Sounds and Relaxing Sound Effects!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

0. The Black Thing from the Forest by Bryan Bohru
1. The Thing in the Shed by Gray Charleston
2. Stairs by Megan W.
3. Something Put Him Up There by The Devil’s Bartender
4. The Thing in the Adirondacks by Cal H.
5. Haunted Forest by Matthew2829
6. There’s a Reason They Call It Devil’s Den by S. Stephenson
7. Summer Happening by Ashley E.
8. Night Bike Ride by Kiefer
9. The Thing in the Woods by Connor H.
10. Night Chaser by SJamesN
11. My Weird Experience in Russia by Lulu
12. Mississippi Wompus Cat by JT
13. Hunting by Ronald
14. Monster in Boggy Creek by Rosemourn1117
15. The Hunter being Hunted by TheHunter243475444
16. The Forest Behind My House by Norman
17. Scary Camp Experience by IchMichL
18. This is Why I Don’t Go to Summer Camp by Brea D.
19. Something Wasn’t Right by Jake
20. Creepy Hermit Encounter by Jordan
21. Bummercamp by Lily
22. Sherrif’s Camp by Scarlet S.
23. The Monster of Camp Road by NotTelling27
24. Forest Howl by Leviathon
25. The Thing in the Woods by Alex
26. Skinwalker in the Redwoods by Art L.
27. Terrorized Alone in the Woods by FigWiggle
28. The New Mexico Dogman by Caleb R.
29. Haunted Bridge by Lauren E. T.
30. Something Liked My Music by MoralyGoMentl
31. Not a Bear by Hayden M.
32. The Tower in the Woods by Julia B.
33. Monsters in the Forest by Johnny
34. The Grinning Men by Sacsinya
35. Not What I Expected by Caiyous
36. Strange Deer by Chelsea T.
37. The Forest of Shadows by Brad
38. Weird Things in my Woods by BossPhoenix
39. Something Among the Birchwoods by Katerma
40. The Thing in the Woods by Munch82
41. The Woods Behind my House by Leisia
42. 11 Days at Cadet Camp by JRG962
43. The Old Choptank Ghost by Sarah N.
44. The Whistle in the Forest by Ash5000
45. Driving in the Forest by OzzyMandez111
46. The Lonely Piper by Dutch Scout 13
47. There’s No Coming Back from This by Connor M.
48. No Way Out by Nicky and Azayo
49. The Scariest Thing that has Ever Happened to Me by Dave W.

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