5 True WAR Ghost Stories

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War is Hell – Each has it’s own ghosts haunting their battlefields, be it the Civil War, World Wars, or the Vietnam War.

Real ghosts haunt our whole world, I think we all know that by now. But tonight I have some special ghost stories for you – True Ghost Stories featuring civil war ghosts and world war ghosts. There will be old haunted hospitals and civil war ghosts and spirits. When you die in war, you often die emotionally, so it’s no wonder that ghosts haunt the battlefields at which they died. So, get ready for 5 True War Ghost Stories of folks who bore paranormal witness to supernatural horrors. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Real Ghosts of War
– War is Hell – Civil War Ghost by SonOfAPreacherMan
– The Army Ghost by Simi123
– Hawaii Night Marchers by ChelleMILSO
– The Civil War Ghost by Kirstie C.
– World War 2 Ghosts – Haunted Hospitals by ThatComicGuy

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