5 True TWITTER Scary Stories

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Twitter has never been scarier – Look our for the tweets of HORROR.

Twiter can be a very creepy place – It’s a social media website where you can update all your fans and followers and message those you’re close to. But be careful who you follow on twitter – They might just be a stalker, a psycho, or a twitter killer. Halloween is coming close, so in honor of this horror holiday, I will share with you 5 True Twitter Ghost Stories. But be careful, these true stories are filled with school stalkers and twitter psychos. There will even be some supernatural horror stories, too. So, enjoy these Scary Twitter Ghost Stories of some creepy people and Twitter Horror Accounts!

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Top 5 True Ghost Stories from Twitter
– Almost Killed by a Twitter Psycho by Tyler
– Twitter Stalker by Ccs1114
– Demon Stalker from Twitter by Winter Nightmare
– The Twitter Killer by Grey Area 51
– Haunted Twitter or Glitch in the Matrix by joseph stalin

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