5 TRUE Subway Horror Stories

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There are much worse things from Subway than Jared!
Quit thinking about that subway menu and check out these TRUE Scary Stories!
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Subway is a restaurant known for its subway sandwiches like five dollar footlongs and it’s famous jared. But you’ll be a subway surfer – surfing right out of the place – after listening to these allegedly true stories of creepy stalkers, real ghosts, and creepers at subway. Are you ready for break ins, robberies, and stories of self defense that will make you love your life? Or can you handle the real ghost story about a haunting ghost video? Enjoy these stories about the restaurant that is surpassing the famous mcdonalds or mcdo and let’s see why you might want to ignore those job listings in the creepy craigslist ads. Enjoy!

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Top 5 true creepy stories of real haunted stores, scary stalkers, and break ins and psycho clowns are scary short stories from subscribers!
– Across the Bane – Robbed at Subway by a Creepy Stalker by Kaleb S.
– Subway Night Shift Story by donuts yo
– Subway Sandwiches gone wrong – Psycho at Subway by Michael T.
– Crazy Subway Cashier by Blue Topaz – Fight for my Life
– Haunted Subway Ghost Story by Orion

Top 5 Horror Stories of a real glitch in the matrix, real ghost videos, and real horror stories from subway are true stories from subscribers.
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