5 TRUE Strangers Stories

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Trust No One . . .

This world is a strange one.

There are all kinds of creepy strangers, freaks, weirdos, and creepers out there. Anyone you see on the street may be the cause of your death. That person to your left might just be a killer. And all those complete strangers around you might be turning to stare at you once you pass by. How would you ever know? With the strangers 2 coming out this year, and the strangers was such a great movie that happened to be a true story, Shivers and I have decided to put together 5 TRUE Strangers Stories to scare you to the bone. Don’t chat with strangers kids. Most everyone on this planet are perfect strangers.

5 TRUE Strangers Stories –
– What did he have Planned / Strange Boy by maligerent
– The Whitey Titey Twin Strangers by discosquiggle
– Night Strangers on the Street by joseamerica
– Craigslist Creep by aa_kokopelli77
– Strangers in my House by happypugs

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All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Conjuring Stories by Submitters.

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