5 TRUE Small Town Scary Stories

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These Creepy Towns might be Ghost Towns soon.

This world is a strange one.

Ghost towns and small towns are way too close to the forest and country. You can tell, especially when scary stories and true stories of horror are a daily occurrence. These 5 TRUE Small Town Scary Stories will have you fearing the forest and country after hearing about the weird animals and strange creatures that haunt them inside and out. Enjoy these ghost stories, real monsters and true story of a haunted house. Thank you dear fans for sending these true scary stories and for enduring the horrors known as Small Towns.


5 True Ghost Town Scary Stories –
– Real Monsters
– Haunted House Ghost
– Ghost Town Gas Station
– Dismembered Leg
– Skinwalker Stalker

All music by Kevin MacLeod. 5 TRUE Ghost Town Small Town Scary Stories and Real Monster Stories submitted by Fans. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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