5 TRUE Ouija Board Stories

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The Ouija Board is a DANGEROUS Thing . . .

This world is a strange one.

The Ouija Board is definitely no board game. Ouija Boards are a dangerous medium through which demons and evil entities may be contacted. There are dozens of horrific Ouija Board Stories out there that perfectly describe the hauntings you can get yourself into for dabbling with the dead. So, in the spirit of bad ideas, here are 5 TRUE Ouija Board Stories. Lock up those hasbro games – You simply can’t trust them.


5 True Ouija Board Stories –
– I Make Ouija Boards
– First Ouija Board Experience
– NEVER Use a Ouija Board
– Ouija Board Haunting
– Demonic Ouija Board Life


All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 TRUE Ouija Board Stories by Submitters.

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