5 TRUE Lights Out Horror Stories

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Fear the Dark – It’s time for Light’s Out.

This World is a Strange One . . .

The Lights Out movie is coming out soon, so in honor of this Creature in the Dark Horror Movie, we present to you 5 TRUE Lights Out Horror Stories. You may not think the Lights Out movie is a true story, but it might potentially be. Every day, real monsters and scary ghosts are spotted in the dark. So, keep the lights on, because if the lights go out, the things that lurk in the darkness will be coming. Coming for you. Watch out for the shadows . . .

5 TRUE Lights Out Horror Stories –
– White Face / Hide and Seek Ghost by Jojo
– Salvation / A True Ghost Story by Ms Molko
– Big Gray Man / Real Slenderman Story by Nimrod80
– It Follows by Pepper
– Real Lake Monster by Doss P.

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 TRUE Lights Out Stories by Submitters.

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